Happy Birthday Anne!

June 13, 2007 at 3:44 pm (Uncategorized)


Today is my super stylish cousin Anne’s birthday! This picture is a result of Doug having too much time on his hands one night, a few years ago! This is not her husband, nor is it her body; just a floating head! You’d think that we might have better things to do, but sadly, no! Anne has a great blog about children’s books, and her husband has a great one about food which I think that Amy F. would really enjoy. It has a ton of pictures just like he came right out of America’s Test Kitchen! These two might actually be the most stylish couple ever. I’ll have to stop talking about them now because it’s making me feel somewhat bitter and frumpy! Suffice it to say, Anne and her sister Liz are my inspiration for attempting my own blog. Now if I could just get Christina to start one, life would be complete! Anyway, Happy Birthday Anne!



  1. Greg said,

    That is one sexy dude in the picture. 😉

    Too bad I shut my blog down, I did one for about 4 years.

  2. Amy Macdonald said,

    I am enjoying your blog, it’s almost like talking to you everyday!

  3. Anne Marie Cropper said,

    Sarah! I was dying laughing! (Hi Greg!) Thanks for the birthday tribute! I feel so honored! I am thrilled about your blog!

  4. Christina said,

    I almost started a blog today – just for you Sarah! I was going to title it “I am slowly going crazy” and my first post was going to be about how I almost burned down the B&B today (firetrucks and everything). Way more excitement than I need. But the story’s too long and I am too tired, so goodnight!

  5. sillyjillybean said,

    Well Sarah, after reading Anne’s blog today about her dreamy birthday gift from Taylor, I wonder why she wants Tim & Faith’s life when she has the Anne and Taylor Show! And Greg, my sister is dating a fellow seriously now-you missed out! And Christina-ALMOST BURNING THE B&B????

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