Too Many Boxes!

June 13, 2007 at 1:43 am (Uncategorized)

mayjune-07-022.jpg                  Who would have thought that we could get rid of a ton of stuff from our tiny Salt Lake cottage, move into a house that is almost twice as big, and still feel overwhelmed by the boxes? Also, who wraps up six leftover Saltine crackers?! I am surrounded by packing paper and moving boxes. One of the nice things though, about living in a warmer climate, is that we have trash pick up twice a week.

                     The boys are almost adjusting. Samuel loves the backyard. e wants to be out there every minute of the day. Unfortunately, it’s a little too warm during the middle of the day. William is still a little confused by everything, but hopefully he’ll adjust sooner rather than later. There is a street fairly close by called Huebner which Samuel confuses with Heber, and now he thinks that he should be able to go to his friend Zane’s house (who lives in Heber, UT) every day for lunch!




  1. Christina said,

    Looks like the boys are having fun! Post more pictures of your new house. Wish we were closer and could come for a visit!

  2. liz said,

    You’ll feel so much better when the boxes and paper are gone. You are in the home stretch! The picture of William in front of your bar area reminds me so much of my house in Florida — makes me wonder if you have a similar floor plan. So glad you started the blog!

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