Aah Fredericksburg…

June 25, 2007 at 3:18 am (Road Trips)


Yesterday we went on a little day trip to a town called Fredericksburg. It was all that I hoped Gruene would be last week. It was a wonderful little town, and if any of you come to visit, I would definitley recommend it. It was the home of Admiral Chester Nimitz, and so there is a Pacific War museum, and there is also a Pioneer museum.  It was settled by Germans, and so it is full of Biergartens and all kinds of touristy things, but the Main Street was also full of wonderful little shops. There is a toy shop called the Funky Monkey, plus a tea house/herb farm/B&B called the Herb Garden. If Christina comes, I’m definitely taking her there. The only depressing thing was that we just missed lunch at three different restaurants!

Fredericksburg is also home to Fischer & Wieser who make a super yummy Raspberry Chipotle sauce that you can get at Costco. Little did I know, they make a ton of other sauces. They also sell the original Dr. Pepper made with cane sugar.  We stopped on our way out of town.

 Fredericksburg is also home to Fredericksburg peaches and we thought it would be fun to stop at a roadside stand to get some on the way home. On the way home Doug thought it might be more fun to pick our own peaches at an orchard. Here is a piece of advice from me: if you’re 8 months pregnant and have two toddlers in tow, DO NOT go peach picking with your very picky engineer husband in the sweltering Texas heat! Doug insisted on picking only the best peaches, but the boys kept ruining his plans by picking any peach they could reach! We also bought some little cucumbers, so tomorrow night we are making pickles thanks to a wonderful recipe from Greg’s mom. Doug is leaning over my shoulder now. He wants you to know that he is not the control freak I make him out to be. Most of you know him, and therefore know how relaxed and kick back he really is!


My little worker bees!




  1. liz said,

    You are so ambitious, my very pregnant loved one! The pictures are just peachy, but I think we’d need a video to get the full story on the toddler peach-picking.

  2. Christina said,

    What a fun day! Tea house/herb farm/B&B – now I have to come visit! Joshua and I went to Beauty and the Beast on Saturday at Neptune. It was really good.

  3. Anne said,

    Sounds like such a fun day! Your boys are so darn cute and you are totally working pregnancy #3, my hot cuz!

  4. sillyjillybean said,

    All I can say is JEALOUS! I need a day trip. As far as the controlling Doug comments, I know he’s laid back, for example, how long did it take him to finish the fence on 1300 east in SLC??? Hope he laughs.

  5. Greg said,

    I like Samuel’s shirt . .a lot 😛

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