My attempt at M. Proust

June 27, 2007 at 3:14 am (Random Thoughts)


Some of you have heard me wax poetic about my in laws (there is a reason no one on the Roberts’ side of the family has been informed of this blog!). Just in case any of you would consider doubting my version of the Roberts’ eccenticities I include the above photo of my mother and father-in-law, Mr. & Mrs. Ghangis Khan. I’m sure you can all imagine how fun the family get togethers are! Ah, I jest (kind of!). My in-laws are serving a mission in Mongolia right now; I think it’s one of those new fangled sight seeing missions.

On a completely separate topic: 100 Calorie Pack Chips Ahoy… don’t believe the hype! When I was at the diabetes class yesterday (a whole other rant for another day), the RN leading class said that the 100 calorie pack snack were a completely satisfying snack. All I can say is that random aftertaste is NOT completely satisfying. Now, I have two boxes of these in the pantry and all I can hope is that Samuel will try and sneak these in the middle of the night istead of the capri Suns!

Also, to be completely random, what is with doctor’s who make you sign a form saying that you won’t be more than fifteen minutes late? I don’t want to be rude or insensitive to all the doctors in the family, but I’m not usually the one making the doctor wait. When I asked the RN what I would get if I had to wait in the creepy waiting room full of crosses for more than 15 minutes she just looked at me like I’d grown an extra head. 

Anyway, now I’ll get back to my madeleine…



  1. Anne said,

    Taylor and I think you’re blog is a hoot! Mr. and Mrs. Ghangis Khan?! How funny is that? Bummer about the 100 calorie chips ahoy. Have to say though–not so surprised. Things like that are NEVER as good as they say. Things really taste better if they’re made with a buncha butter and sugar. 🙂

  2. sillyjillybean said,

    All I can say is at least your in-laws are in Mongolia! And as for the 15 minute issue, whay OB has the right to do that? Of all physicians, they tend to be the ones always late–not the patient! And, since I just ate a Heath Bar blizzard from Dairy Queen, the chips ahoy comment is not applicable to me:)

  3. Greg said,

    Those 100 calorie packs are not worth it, and I usually end up eating 3 packs hoping they get better :-S


  4. liz said,

    Wow, sorry about the snack-limiting diabetes — glad you’re in the home stretch. I concur about doctors expecting you to be on time and making you wait — in fact, I could go on and on about this topic, but perhaps no one would be interested in reading that comment. I do enjoy sitting in a doctor’s office reading a magazine to which I do not subscribe, especially if my kids are home with a babysitter.

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