What was I thinking?!

July 3, 2007 at 2:24 am (Uncategorized)


I have gone Samuel’s whole life trying to avoid going to Chuch E. Cheese’s the way I try and avoid th Chuck-A-Rama. Samuel knew who Chuck was because he’s a sponsor of PBS kids, but he had no clue who Chuck really is. Every time we passed the Sandy location, we just told him that we didn’t like Chuck E. Cheese’s house.

Then we move to Texas! There is a Chuck E. Cheese right beside our local Costco, so it’s something we see fairly often. One time Doug decides to tell Samuel that there is pizza inside, and that is not all, there are also games. Well, we have heard nothing much since except how Samuel would like to go visit Chuck E. Cheese at his house! We make Samuel a deal and tell him that his grandma will take him when she comes to visit. Needless to say, he was very much looking forward to Grandma’s visit!


Well, today was the big day. My oh my! I don’t enjoy Chuck E. Cheese’s on a good day, but when everyone else is enjoying pizza, and I have to settle for the salad bar, it doesn’t make all the loud noises and flashing lights any more enjoyable! Needless to say, Samuel had a blast. Even William had fun playing some of the little games. I just hope that Samuel realizes that this is something that can only happen when Grandma is in town!



  1. liz said,

    You didn’t say what Grandma thought of Chuck E. Cheese. Kathryn did this one time when my parents were visiting her — can you imagine Roger at Chuck E’s? He thought it was pure evil, which is pretty much what I think. They could at least make the food better — I think the pizza is vile. It is way, way worse than Chuck-A-Rama, in my book.

  2. Anne said,

    Yeah, the pizza there is worse than the kind in elem. school cafeterias. I’m guessing the salad wasn’t top-notch either. Shucks. Did you at least play skee-ball? I love a good coupla rounds of skee-ball!

  3. Christina said,

    I took the kids to a place in Halifax today called the Bean Sprout Cafe. It is a coffee shop marketed towards families. There is a large play area. The food was excellent. I had a cheddar and peach panini, yum! And there were lots of customers there without kids because of the quality of the food. The kids’ meals were $4.50 and you had a choice of sandwiches, crackers or yogurt, and milk or juice. The kids liked to go there and the food was so much better than other kid friendly options. I thought of opening my own place like that in Dartmouth, I was going to call it Lily’s (after Jason’s Grandmother), I think it would do really well. But then I remembered I’m already going crazy at the BB!

  4. Greg said,


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