Summer Fun

July 12, 2007 at 2:23 am (Uncategorized)


                          A couple of months ago, while we were househunting in Texas, I had a mini nervous breakdown. It finally hit me that we would be having a baby, in Texas, where we know nobody. I freaked out! What would I do if I went ito labor in the middle of the night? Who would watch my kids? Doug’s parents are in Mongolia and all my family is in Canada in the Summer. I thought that maybe my little sister might want to come spend a month with us,but aparently 15 year-olds have better thingd to do with their summers! Then, a couple of weeks after the breakdown I was talking to the mom of one of our SLC babysitters, and she mentioned how her daughter would love to come to Texas. I didn’t know if it would all work out, but she arrived on Monday, and already it has been worth every penny!


                         Doug wasn’t really too keen on the idea, but he has warmed up to the whole thing. The best thing is having someone to play with the kids so that I can actually get some stuff done. It’s only been three days, and she’s here for a month, but so far, I would highly recommend this to everyone!

                          On a side note, I mentioned a while back about my creepy doctor’s office with all of the crosses everywhere. Now this isn’t my OB who will be delivering the baby, this is my perinatologist. He doesn’t even deliver babies, yet in his office alongside all the crosses there are many OB type figurines. Who knew there were so many ways to commemorate the birth of a baby with ceramic and wood. I kid you not, there were at least twenty mini statues with women with their legs in the air! If you don’t believe me, I’m including the C-section carving from the bottom of the waiting room curio cabinet. Please notice the red blood on the belly, I couldn’t get close enough to show the big cut!




  1. Emily said,

    Sarah, I don’t know if you remember me, (I’m Anne’s friend.) Anyway, I like to lurk around on your blog–you’re quite witty. And today I just couldn’t resist a comment about this totally FREAKY figurine. I’ll bet that just gives you calm and peace when you anticipate your upcoming birth experience…It sure soothes my soul.

    So glad you have an extra set of hands to help you out for the next month. That is always lovely! Oh, and welcome to Texas (we’re in Dallas.) Have you ever felt anything so vile as infernal heat mixed with suffocating humidity?? And you’re pregnant! Oh, bless you!

  2. pam said,

    Okay, not to make you feel dumb but…but my kids were delivered by a perinatologist, so they do actually deliver – they just work with high risk patients (fetal & maternal).

    But more importantly, I now work with the doc who delivered Gabe and because I’ve been working with him on the design of his new offices in our brand new state of the art hospital, I sent him the above excerpt so he will know where my Precious Moments meets Nip Tuck theme came from! This is so weird – I LOVE it!

  3. Anne said,

    Question #1: Who makes that freaky stuff?
    Question #2: Who buys that freaky stuff?
    Question #3: Who displays that freaky stuff for their patients to see?

  4. liz said,

    I’m not going to comment on the freaky stuff. I’m just glad to hear that it’s going well with the au pair. Those situations can be fantastic or dreadful. So happy that you have help right now when you surely need it. How many weeks left?

  5. Christina said,

    Fun for you and the kids!

    We went to Tall Ships today and it was the first hot day in a month and it was too much – too many people and too hot! I can’t imagine the Texas heat. Hope that baby comes soon!

  6. Greg said,

    I am with Anne on this one . . .what kind of freaks buy, sell, make & display that freaky stuff.

    I say pick one up and wrap it as a gift for the next white elephant party you get invited to!

  7. sillyjillybean said,

    I am dying laughing right now! That is the funniest figurine and you just made my night. I am with Anne and Liz on this one! Thanks for the giggles. Miss ya babe!

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