It’s the Anniversary Sale!

July 20, 2007 at 8:50 pm (Things I love)

So, today was the first day of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. We got there nice and early so that we could participate in the Krispy Kreme donut fest! At least the boys participated; I just had to watch! We bought Samuel some church shoes. Proper shoes that lace up. Doug thinks that proper shoes are going to make all the difference in his church behavior! They also had some Robeez on sale which is an awesome deal since they never go on sale!


  They also have some cute pink ones, but those are unnecessary for my situation! After shoes and a couple of balloons (gotta love Nordstrom!), we made our way over to cosmetics and ladies shoes.

 Here are the shoes that I bought:


Now though, I’m torn, because I also like these shoes:


What to do? What to do? Should I return the green ones and get the MaryJanes? I can’t buy two pairs, that would be overkill, but I can get one pair, because I’ve been a Harry Potter widow for he past three nights (obviously Doug has to re-read book 6 so he’s ready for book 7), and it won’t get any better until Monday! In fact, he’s downstairs napping so that he can go to the bookstore at midnight, and stay up all night reading!

So, help me out. Which shoes do you like better? There are also a cute pair of Kate Spades:


The picture doesn’t really do them justice, and they’re out of my price range anyway, but I thought you’d all enjoy the fun sale shoes! There are also some great gifts with purchase at the cosmetics counter. The great thing about Nordtrom is that if I’m feeling guilty next week, I can return everything. I’m keeping everything in their boxes until I’m sure!



  1. Christina said,

    I like the Mary Janes. Good luck with all the decisions. How is the Harry Potter reading going?

  2. liz said,

    I think the Mary Janes are cute too, but I just like Mary Janes. The green ones are a little more unique and funky, if that’s what you’re going for. Now I’m so torn — do I try to make the Nordstrom sale today, or do I hunt down a copy of HP7 and read all day?

  3. Amy Macdonald said,

    I myself like the Kate Spade ones. I think they would look awesome with this outfit I have… hmmm…

  4. Amy F. said,

    Love the Mary Janes. They look like you. Sarah, you go more places in a day 9 months pregnant than I do all month non-pregnant. You are a machine, helper or not.

  5. sillyjillybean said,

    Oh Deary, you are so cute about the vigor at which you shop for shoes. I like the green ones. They say sheek and stylish. The Mary Janes are also nice, but you can also find a knock-off that might be cheaper. Let us know which ones you keep!

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