Before and After

July 27, 2007 at 10:18 pm (Uncategorized)


This is me at 8:00am yesterday morning, and this is what happened just a few hours later:


Now, here is a word to the wise: if you are feeling something strange that is unsimilar to the rest of your labor you need to speak up…. quickly! When little benjamin entered the world, he was all alone except for his mom and dad! No doctors or nurses necessary! I say, that’s the power of the epidural. You can’t even feel the baby come out!

Does anyone else think there is a similarity between baby Benjamin and Mr. Burns from the Simpsons?!

 Oh, and Liz, sorry for stealing another name from you.One day we’re going to come up with our own names!



  1. Christina said,

    You are one hot mama! I can’t believe that you wanted that baby to come out when you look that cute pregnant!

    Benjamin looks like another little Doug to me! So fun to have a little baby around the house – I hope Samuel’s girl comes soon!


  2. liz said,

    Maybe I will try it with the epidural….Did you even push? Don’t worry about stealing another of my names. I may name my next one William though, just so you know. Good job posting the news so quickly, since no one called to tell me about this 😉 I’m sure he’ll look less like Mr. Burns soon. Probably by now, even.

  3. pam said,

    We are so happy for you! I’m glad everyone is happy and healthy and yes, you look so adorable pregnant. If I looked half that good not being pregnant, I might even consider having another!

    Keep us posted on the happenings!

    The Pastas

  4. sillyjillybean said,

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so happy for you guys. I see NO resemblence with Mr. Burns so quit it. I am with Christina and say the little fellow is another Doug. Love the name too! I am so happy for you. Take care!

  5. Rhall said,

    Sarah, you are truly amazing. Time flies ridiculously fast at my age, so it seems only a bit ago that we drove to San Diego for your lovely destination wedding!! Look what you and Doug have accomplished in five years! I am so truly happy for you. Hope it is going fairly well – you and Doug are probably fairly exhausted at this point!

  6. lovelydainty said,

    Liz, I’m all for natural … for other people! However, I love the epidural. It helps me relax! It’s quite nuce to go from feeling pain to feeling none at all! I’ve heard that recovery is easier without the epidural, but I’ve ever had a problem there, and if you do have a problem, they can give you drugs for that too! Too answer your question, there was no pushing involved at all. Doug was across the room when I yelled at him to go out and get the nurse. He said he could hear something from where he was sitting, but I don’t remember any sound, just a strange sensation!

  7. Anne said,

    CONGRATS! I’m glad it all went well and that you have another beautiful boy. Yeah, here’s the thing about epidurals. They make it…well…easy! (OK, that’s SOOO general to say that. An epidural made it easy for me. And you. And lots of other people. But I shouldn’t generalize.) Anyway, yeah, once the epidural was in I was like, “Let’s party!” Oh, and I agree with Christina. You were so hot prego.

  8. Greg said,


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