How Much is it Worth?

August 21, 2007 at 10:01 pm (Dougisms)

Cartier Tank Francaise Women Watch W51008Q3


So, today I’m feeling a little sorry for my newly minted 30 year-old self. In the beginning I was a bit annoyed at Doug because he chose his week to go on a business trip to Alaska. I asked him why he chose this particular week and he responded with, “it was either tha or September 10th.” About an hour later it dawns on him, “Oh, and it’s your birthday.”

For the past few weeks I’ve kind of been harping on the fact that my husband picked my birthday to leave town, and leave me with three kids, essentially housebound because the carseats barely fit in the back of the car. So, I was kind of bitter and joking that he would need to buy me a really great gift, because not only did I just bear him a third son, but it’s also a milestone, the big 3-0. I told him I would like the Cartier Tank watch. The question, can I guilt my husband into a $6000 watch?!

Then this morning, I got a call from the florist. Would I be hime after 2:00pm so that they could make a delivery? Well, toss that watch out the window! My husband actually planned something in advance, and arranged to have flowers delivered because I would be alone on my birthday. (Yes, I’m with my kids, but the party planning ability of a three year old is somewhat limited!) It didn’t even bother me that Doug didn’t call to wish me a happy birthday, because I knew he was just waiting for me to get my present.

Fast forward to the afternoon, the door-bell rings, and there is the delivery man with my birthday basket. It’s all very exciting, and I read the card … it’s from my Mom! Now, don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful to my mother, because she knew hat hers would be the only gift that I opened all day. However, I had been building up this grand romantic gesture all day, and it wasn’t to be.

Then, when I finally got a phone call at 8:30pm it became obvious that Doug had forgotten my day. Then came the dilemma, do I whine, and make it worse, or do I suffer in silence until he gets a clue? I chose the latter (no worries about him finding out here because he doesn’t read the blog!).

Normally, I’m not too hard to please. For my birthday I just want a DQ ice cream cake and some token of affection. I’m easy to please. Also, I like to be wished happy birthday in the morning, otherwise I don’t really get to enjoy the whole “day.” Now however, I’m a little upset. So, I’ve moved on from my Cartier watch,, and I’ve decided that mmy suffering is worth a $64,000 Birkin Bag. Yes, I know tha I could buy a small house for that, but a bag is totally functional and practical. Do I have any support on this?!



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My Bad List

August 15, 2007 at 11:16 pm (Bad List)


Oh my, so much is happening right now. Okay, maybe not “so much,” unless you consider meal planning, researching the dmv, and cleaning up untold amounts of baby pee in any way exciting!

I decided last week to plan a whole week of new meals for some excitement. This all started with Taylor’s website, and his recipe for risotto. I made the risotto, and it was delicious and that inspired Doug to buy me a copper risotto pan for our anniversary, which in turn inspired more risotto and the purchase of truffle oil. All of this was very delicious and pain-free, so I thought I should try some other new recipes.

On Monday, I planned 5 days worth of meals from my Martha Stewart Everyday Food magazine. I ripped out a bunch of recipes and I planned my shopping list (I even organized it by grocery aisle). So, yesterday I started my new food week, and I have to say that I’m not overly impressed. It’s been two days, three recipes, and nothing that I liked enough to make again. Just in case you get this magazine, I would not recommend the chicken apricot sandwich, the shell pasta with baby mozzarella, garlic tomatoes, or the apple cake. Anyway, these are not the exact recipe names, but if you get the magazine, they’re in the current issue.

My real dilemma is that I have three days left and I already have all the ingredients. I don’t know if I can handle three more disappointments. There are tostadas, chicken marsala and three cheese mac n’ cheese. Next week I’m using a different magazine. I don’t know what I was thinking, I’ve never really had a bad experience with Bon Appetit or Saveur. Everyday Food is on my bad list!

I’ll save my fun at the DMV for another day!

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The Girl is Gone … sniff sniff!

August 14, 2007 at 10:00 am (Random Thoughts)


 All that’s left of “the girl”

How quickly time flies! Our girl is gone and now I have to start parenting my own children! After just one day with three kids at home, I’ve noticed that I tend to yell more when there are only children present. If nothing else, having the girl here helped me to be way more patient. Of course, why wouldn’t I be more patient, there was someone playing with my two toddlers all the time, plus she asked my husband random science questions, which he loved to answer. Also, I have a whole new appreciation for High School Musical (the sequel comes out this week!)!Everyone was happy. Why did we only have her stay five weeks? Did she really need to go back to start school?! What do you really learn in middle school anyway?

I have decided that if Doug and I ever decide to take a luxury vacation with our children (probably not, but you never know), we are taking the girl with us. Money well spent my friends! Now, you have to make sure that you know and like the girl, and that you can handle having someone know how you actually live, but for me it was all positive. Of course, the girl probably ran screaming into mother’s arms, telling her how crazy we are. Apparently her parents always agree (this was confirmed by her mother). And since my mother describes my marriage as a Sonny and Cher type of relationship (don’t even get me started), I’m pretty sure the girl thinks we’re headed for divorce court any day now! Now I know why Jill loves having her sisters come to stay with her. Just having an extra body around makes everything easier. I was actually making dinners pretty much all the time, and I could go to the grocery store by myself. It was like Xanadu!


Benjamin 2 1/2  weeks

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Deal of the Day

August 9, 2007 at 7:58 pm (Good Deals)

Today I headed to walgreens with my weekly ad and some coupons from Sunday’s paper. I got:

2 boxes of Raisin Bran

2 boxes of Frosted Flakes

2 boxes of Pop Tarts

4 boxes of Nutri-Grain bars

All for the bargain price of: FREE!

I do love the coupons!

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Why I Love Working for “The Man”

August 4, 2007 at 10:41 pm (Things I love)

There is something nice, I’m sure, about being self-employed; being your own boss and all of that. I however, prefer the steady paycheck (knock on wood) of corporate America. Sure, my husband works a lot of hours, in a cubicle,  and he no longer comes home for lunch. He is also always dealing with less than sympathetic corporate types. On the plus side though, we have great benefits (like having someone else pack our house when we moved). One of the perks of being a corporate wife is getting fun things delivered after having a  baby. With this baby, we got not one, but two, fun things. One came addressed to the new baby and said “Happy Birthday!” How fun is that?!

As a side note, we went to see The Bourne Ultimatum today. Very fun movie for me. I can always watch Matt Damon as a super assassin! I can pretty much watch Matt Damon as anything! Two thumbs up!

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