My Bad List

August 15, 2007 at 11:16 pm (Bad List)


Oh my, so much is happening right now. Okay, maybe not “so much,” unless you consider meal planning, researching the dmv, and cleaning up untold amounts of baby pee in any way exciting!

I decided last week to plan a whole week of new meals for some excitement. This all started with Taylor’s website, and his recipe for risotto. I made the risotto, and it was delicious and that inspired Doug to buy me a copper risotto pan for our anniversary, which in turn inspired more risotto and the purchase of truffle oil. All of this was very delicious and pain-free, so I thought I should try some other new recipes.

On Monday, I planned 5 days worth of meals from my Martha Stewart Everyday Food magazine. I ripped out a bunch of recipes and I planned my shopping list (I even organized it by grocery aisle). So, yesterday I started my new food week, and I have to say that I’m not overly impressed. It’s been two days, three recipes, and nothing that I liked enough to make again. Just in case you get this magazine, I would not recommend the chicken apricot sandwich, the shell pasta with baby mozzarella, garlic tomatoes, or the apple cake. Anyway, these are not the exact recipe names, but if you get the magazine, they’re in the current issue.

My real dilemma is that I have three days left and I already have all the ingredients. I don’t know if I can handle three more disappointments. There are tostadas, chicken marsala and three cheese mac n’ cheese. Next week I’m using a different magazine. I don’t know what I was thinking, I’ve never really had a bad experience with Bon Appetit or Saveur. Everyday Food is on my bad list!

I’ll save my fun at the DMV for another day!



  1. Christina said,

    Stick to the Nigella Lawson cookbooks – every one of her recipes that I have tried have been fabulous! Martha’s overrated!

  2. pam said,

    whatever you do, don’t go to Rachel Ray for advice. She annoys me. I recently tried her ‘cant’ fail’ hard boiled egg recipe: bring eggs to a boil, remove from heat and let eggs sit for 10 minutes. then rise with cool water. I will admit they were easy to peel and cooked but I likes my eggs a little moist on the inside. Next time I’d do the same but reduce the wait time to 8 minutes and see what happens. Anyhoo..that’s not shy whe annoys me, I just think her attempt at being hip with her retro kitchen is dopey and she dosn’t really make anything all that interesting. I’m a big fan of Cooking Light for recipe ideas!

  3. Greg said,

    Geez . . . dating just got 1000x more depressing when these girls have to compare to you.

    Variety in meals for me right now consists of McDonalds, Gandolfos, Wendy’s, Subway and Taco Bell.

  4. Anne said,

    It’s true what Greg says–you are a goddess. I mean come on-you just gave birth (OK he fell out, but still!:) ) and have three little guys and no more girl to help and you are seriously WORKING it! Bummer about the recipes. I agree that Martha is overrated. And p.s. Taylor and I are way impressed about the copper risotto pot! Fun!

  5. liz said,

    Hey, happy birthday! I’m so bad at remembering, I’m glad I saw Christina’s post. Wish you were here so I could take you to lunch. I should have sent a card, but I do have some cute things for you coming soon — anything you need/wish you had from Utah that I could stick in the package for you?

  6. sillyjillybean said,

    I hope you know that I have been thinking about you all week. That is largely because I have just made my fifth batch of banana bread/muffins this week using your recipe. The neighbors think I am a freakin Betty Crocker! We use your Mexican Chicken Chili recipe every Sunday, I even smile when I see the crock pot book I actually purchased (yes, my only ever cookbook purchase) becasue of you and oh, one more thing….during the end of the world if we ever do end up living in some kind of community compound, say, ran by your mother/sister…if you cook, I’ll clean.

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