How Much is it Worth?

August 21, 2007 at 10:01 pm (Dougisms)

Cartier Tank Francaise Women Watch W51008Q3


So, today I’m feeling a little sorry for my newly minted 30 year-old self. In the beginning I was a bit annoyed at Doug because he chose his week to go on a business trip to Alaska. I asked him why he chose this particular week and he responded with, “it was either tha or September 10th.” About an hour later it dawns on him, “Oh, and it’s your birthday.”

For the past few weeks I’ve kind of been harping on the fact that my husband picked my birthday to leave town, and leave me with three kids, essentially housebound because the carseats barely fit in the back of the car. So, I was kind of bitter and joking that he would need to buy me a really great gift, because not only did I just bear him a third son, but it’s also a milestone, the big 3-0. I told him I would like the Cartier Tank watch. The question, can I guilt my husband into a $6000 watch?!

Then this morning, I got a call from the florist. Would I be hime after 2:00pm so that they could make a delivery? Well, toss that watch out the window! My husband actually planned something in advance, and arranged to have flowers delivered because I would be alone on my birthday. (Yes, I’m with my kids, but the party planning ability of a three year old is somewhat limited!) It didn’t even bother me that Doug didn’t call to wish me a happy birthday, because I knew he was just waiting for me to get my present.

Fast forward to the afternoon, the door-bell rings, and there is the delivery man with my birthday basket. It’s all very exciting, and I read the card … it’s from my Mom! Now, don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful to my mother, because she knew hat hers would be the only gift that I opened all day. However, I had been building up this grand romantic gesture all day, and it wasn’t to be.

Then, when I finally got a phone call at 8:30pm it became obvious that Doug had forgotten my day. Then came the dilemma, do I whine, and make it worse, or do I suffer in silence until he gets a clue? I chose the latter (no worries about him finding out here because he doesn’t read the blog!).

Normally, I’m not too hard to please. For my birthday I just want a DQ ice cream cake and some token of affection. I’m easy to please. Also, I like to be wished happy birthday in the morning, otherwise I don’t really get to enjoy the whole “day.” Now however, I’m a little upset. So, I’ve moved on from my Cartier watch,, and I’ve decided that mmy suffering is worth a $64,000 Birkin Bag. Yes, I know tha I could buy a small house for that, but a bag is totally functional and practical. Do I have any support on this?!





  1. Greg said,

    Happy Birthday!

    I say push for a new car.

  2. liz said,

    Matt forgot my birthday one year, and he’s been hearing about it ever since. I didn’t have three kids yet, but I was lonely and home with one, and not very many friends where we lived. Now I just give him very specific instructions about what I think my birthday should be like, and he’s pretty good about it — I’m not sure that approach would work with Doug, though. What a bummer. I say buy your own presents — maybe not the Birkin bag, but some other fabbo thing. Also, get some really good take-out while he’s gone. That would be worth maneuvering the kids into the carseats. Are you getting a bigger vehicle?

  3. sillyjillybean said,

    Happy Birthday deary! This should be easy to remember as Sophie’s birthday was yesterday too. Brian has been absent on my Birthday 3 times over the years. My favorite memory of his absenteeism was when he had obviously gone to a kiosk in the middle of an airport terminal and purchased me my birthday gift. The tags were still on and the receipt showed the time of purchase was 10 minutes prior to my picking him up.

    Also, I dont’ know what is was but the first 8 years of our marriaged it seemed like we never had money really for gifts in October. I therefore felt cheated, until the year Toodie intervened, Brian went overboard, and we ended up paying for it on our VISA for 4 months. Aaaaaah, I guess I will be happy with the cake I made, the gift I bought myself, and the song I sang (grammer?) to myself on my birthday!

  4. sillyjillybean said,

    And BTW-he owes you big time, especially new baby, new home, foreign city, few friends, and ALASKA? SUUUURRREEE, just business!

  5. Anne said,

    Well I feel like crap because I forgot your birthday, too. I remembered it a couple of weeks ago, but failed you in your moment of need. OK, I had no idea that Birkin bags cost that much! That blows my mind. I’m with Liz. I think you should get a babysitter and go blow some bucks on yourself. If I had a magic wand, I would apparate down there and go shopping with you and help you pick out totally fab, frivelous stuff that you would normally never buy for yourself. 🙂

  6. Greg said,

    Dang . . Doug says I need to mail you the keys to my car after my previous comment 😦

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