Itty Bitty SLC

September 11, 2007 at 10:56 am (Things I love)


When I lived in SLC, I waited anxiously every year for the DNews to arrive on the friday before Labor Day. Why, you ask? For the Itty Bitty SLC. contest. There are 23 clues in the newspaper, and there is a grid to search downtown. It’s a great time of year, and it’s a great way to get to know your city. We would o on Sundays either before or after church. We always met really great people, and last year we ran into Rocky Anderson (Doug is still kicking himself that he didn’t tell the mayor what he thought of him!).

I kind of knew that we would be leaving SLC because last year we found every clue. This was something that I obsessed about in the same way that I had to visit every shop on the ShopHop. I’m so sad that we’re not there this year. I encourage everyone in the valley to try it. It’s a great family activity, and it makes a great date activity. The prizes are great, and usually there are only around 100 people who finish the contest, so the odds are pretty good (not so good for me, but it’s not about winning!) 



  1. liz said,

    I keep thinking we should do this, but alas, this is not my year — still recovering from all of my drama. Maybe next.

  2. Greg said,

    A better date idea . . . .

    …finding a date! :-p

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