Oh no, not again…

September 12, 2007 at 3:51 pm (Uncategorized)

Peterhouse Boathouse flooded in Cambridge, U.K. (2001).

Many of you were around to witness the great flood of ’03 and the subsequent mini flood, home robbery, my mini meltdown,etc… When we were in the middle of all of these mini disasters, we knew that we were supposed to be learning something. I thought we were supposed to learn that we shouln’t buy old houses. Apparently, that wasn’t the case! We bought a new house, and imagine my surprise when I walked into a bathroom covered with water this morning. Now, don’t fret, the water wasn’t gushing out a frantic rate like last time, in fact I don’t know where this water even came from. It’s like it magically appeared on my bathroom floor. Normally, I would blae my children, but they were all with me! So, we have a plumber coming this afternoon, and hopefully he can solve the mystery! Doug told me that we can’t run away from our problems; they’ll just follow us! I didn’t think he meant toilet problems!


  1. liz said,

    I am so sorry. There’s just never anything good about a floor covered with water. I hope the solution is simple and inexpensive.

  2. ingrid said,

    I saw that picture and I was horrified! Was that one of your previous homes?!?! We had a little leak here a few years ago and the leak almost reached my violin in the closet. It was a scare indeed. I hope you swiftly solve the problem and have dry floors soon!

  3. Rhall said,

    Exactly where in San Antonio do you live? We have a good friend in Windcrest, where we once lived. Are you near the temple? What stake are you in? What ward? And where on earth did that water come from?!

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