Why I Love Doug

September 13, 2007 at 3:48 pm (Marriage)

Areas ceded by Finland to the Soviet Union after the Winter War in 1940 and the Continuation War in 1944. Porkkala was returned to Finland in 1956.

The other day I received an invitation to a friend’s wedding … in Turku, Finland! This was a girl a knew when I lived in France. There were three exchange students at our rural high school that year, me, Miia, and Karla. I have not seen either of these ladies since I was 16, but you know how it is when you go through something that only a few people really understand!

Anyway, for fun I priced out a ticket and hotel for the big event. When Doug came home I jokingly mentioned how I was due a little “me time!” Just when I think I know the man, he comes out with “I think you should go.” What’s with that?! Normally he questions me on little things like organic vs. non-organic, or liquid vs. powder detergent. Now, he’s all for a trip halfway around the world. He said that it’s not every day I get an opportunity to go to Finland and see old friends.

How nice is that? Now, I thought about it long and hard, but then I calculated how long the flights are, and I decided that a 14 hour travel day with a 7 week old baby would not be fun. Plus I haven’t applied for  a passport for the new baby yet. Also, Going all that way to spend two days and not actually spending that much timewith my friends because, after all, it is a wedding, and I have a nursing baby. Still, the fact that he encouraged me to go and was willing to take the time off work to watch the other boys makes me very happy!


  1. Rhall said,

    This is amazing!

  2. ingrid said,

    This makes me happy too. What a thoughtful and kind gesture…a true Roberts gentleman.

  3. liz said,

    How funny. The husbands are just always surprising us aren’t they? An update on the flood, please?

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