Happy Birthday Dad!

September 14, 2007 at 1:13 pm (Family)


This is my Dad in all his glory: reading books to his grandkids! I don’t get to see my dad nearly as often as I would like, and because of that, I feel like we sometimes miss out. You know, know extra trips to Swiss Chalet, or croissants from Juliens, but even more than that, no hanging out on the play-yard or home-made jars of spaghetti sauce. Today, we’re definitely missing out on some yummy cake! I hope that because my kids only get to see their grandpa a couple of times a year, that it makes it all the more special for them. Samuel memorized Horton Hatches an Egg because my Dad read it to him so much last winter, and he still talks about the sleepover at grandpa’s house with his cousins, and how grandpa bought everyone doughnuts for breakfast!

When I was growing up I saw both sets of my grandparents on a weekly basis, and I just figured it would be the same for my kids. How wrong I was! We don’t have family anywhere near us, on on special days, like today, we really notice.

So Dad, we hope you’re having a great day. We miss you and we love you, and we definitely wish we were closer.


  1. ingrid said,

    Sarah, your Father seems like such a fun Dad and Grandpa. How lucky your three sons are to have such a great Grandpa in their lives. You are so blessed yourself to have grown up seeing both sets of grandparents on a weekly basis.This was not the case for me at all, so I feel like any moment my kids have with their grandparents is very special.

    I wish our families lived closer, so on special days especially, we could be together. Perhaps San Antonio is in need of some good Internists?

  2. sillyjillybean said,

    All I can say is he is such a great guy!

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