Who is John Galt?

September 16, 2007 at 11:38 pm (Random Thoughts, Texas)

After 1069 pages and two months of reading, I have to say that I don’t know if I really care who John Galt is, but at least now I know! If anyone else has read this, could you please comment on if you were as annoyed as I was that Eddie Willers was left behind? Hopefully I haven’t ruined anything for anyone who’s now in the middle of Atlas Shrugged!

Atlas Shrugged

Now, for the weekily re-cap:

  • Thanks for everyone’s concern concerning the bathroom situation. All is well with the plumbing. All of our bathrooms our now fully functional!
  • Word of advice: if anyone is in need of a passport for upcoming international travel, do not go to the only post office in the region that processes applications on Saturdays … on a Saturday. I spent 4 1/2 hours in a line yesterday with a 3 year old, 20 month old, 7 week old and a 36 year old. Not a pleasant way to spend the day! Of course, we fared better than the lady in front of us who waited, and didn’t realize she needed a birth certificate!

  • Note to self: how many times do you have to get lost in this city? Buy a map!


  1. pam said,

    Well two comments on this –

    First – your inspried to find out what we need to do to update our passports so that I don’t end up waiting in line for 1000 hours right before we want to head to Italy or Guam or wherever our next overseas adventure might take us


    Second – you certainly made me feel better about our 6 hour ride in the car with the boys and the fact that I had to listen to the same song no less than 68 times because it was the only that kept them from whining. At least our kids couldn’t jump out at 80 miles an hour. Not sure if I could keep them contained in a line with a rope around it. I would have pulled my eyes out of their sockets for sure.

    You are amazing!

  2. ingrid said,

    I agree you are amazing and very brave. How DID you keep them in line for that long? And does this mean that you are planning a trip overseas sometime soon?!!?!! Italy, perhaps?

  3. Taylor said,

    Atlas Shrugged is my favorite book ever! John Galt should be canonized. To be honest I don’t remember who Eddie is, but I have a secret crush on Daphne Taggart–I just love a person who has such a firm grip on the virtues of capitalism. I can’t stand how people villify capitalists as greedy money-mongers when in fact they are the ones keeping the world fed, clothed, housed, etc.
    I have enough to say about this that I could start a blog dedicated entirely to this specific theme. But who has time for two blogs?

  4. Megan Abbott said,

    Hey, Sarah- I love your blog! I got your blog address (is that what they call it?) from Amy F. Very fun! Your new baby is so cute, he makes me want to have another one! So tell Doug that you are inspiring to other people- of course, I love having babies too, so maybe I don’t count. My blog is http://www.pinkpanda2.blogspot.com, if you want to check it out. Of course, we’ve just been working on our new house, so that’s all I blog about so far.


  5. Taylor said,

    I just read in the Wall Street Journal that Ayn Rand was a good friend of Alan Greenspan and that she was (not coincidentally) standing to his right when he was sworn in by President Ford in 1974. Oooh! I just got goosebumps.

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