September 22, 2007 at 9:39 pm (Uncategorized)

That was my week-end in wasted money! That was not what we spent, that’s just what we lost. No, we didn’t have a wild week-end in Vegas, and no we weren’t robbed, it was justa series of unfortunate events! (I know, very unoriginal!)

It all started when I was reading Design Mom the other day. I was inspired to go to Ikea to buy this for the Play Room:

TROFAST Storage combination

The closest Ikea to us is in Round Rock which is 110 mi. away. The drive to Austin is usually horrible for us because we always run into some kind of traffic, but I figured we’d be safe on a Saturday. Not so much. Today we hit game traffic! That’s not so bad though, because we were still going to Ikea, and I had a $20 coupon that I got in the mail, so I was set.

Ikea was crazy! Do people ever annoy you just by being around? That’s how I felt walking around the maze. There were so many people just stopping wherever, whenever, and they were not following the big, yellow, directional arrows. Normally I’m one of those people, but not today! Once again Samuel refused to go in the play room, and then he wondered why he couldn’t have pink bins for his shelf (ask his father)! We got the bins, the shelf, plus a couple of other little things. It was only after we got home, and I was flipping through the catalogue for my next trip that I realized I still have the $20 coupon in my pocket. I hate a wasted coupon, and it’s too far to go back! Aargh!

Then, I was so upset about the coupon that I didn’t want to get the kids dressed for bed. Okay, maybe it had nothing to do with the coupon, I don’t usually like getting the kids ready for bed! Anyway, I didn’t want to go and get pajamas and so I gave Samuel a quarter to go get all the clothes and diapers. Maybe his castle is closer than I thought!

Now, as for the other $1000. That’s between Doug, his truck, and the insurance company!


  1. Christina said,

    So much excitement for the weekend! I’ll have to call you to find about Doug’s story!

  2. ingrid said,

    Is Doug ok? I too am interested in Doug’s story…

  3. Christina said,

    I was thinking that that quarter wasn’t wasted money. You were paying Samuel to do a job that you needed done! I’m sure you were happy to let someone else do the job and I’m sure Samuel was happy with the quarter!

  4. rhall said,

    ok,so I’m using my new laptop and after a rough week may even have the wireless internet figured out! So what happened?! And Christina, what’s new? And I too hate a wasted coupon! Send it to Liz if it’s still good – she loves Ikea.

  5. Greg said,

    if it makes you feel any better . . my weekend was about $1,800 and it nearly burned the house down.

  6. Anne said,

    There’s nothing worse (retail-y speaking) than getting home with the coupon which was the whole purpose of the trip. I have done that several times. Too bad Doug wouldn’t let Samuel get the pink ones. I got into a heated discussion with this guy at church because Blaine was playing with his daughter’s baby doll and he said, “Boys don’t play with dolls.” Oh, no you didn’t just say that! I’m a little bit fierce about this type of thing. What do you think?

  7. Sarah said,

    No worries, Doug is just fine. The only thing bruised was his ego! He had a little fender bender on the way home from work.
    Anne – I totally agree with you. It makes me kind of happy when Samuel play with a friend’s doll; I think it shows his more nurturing side. We were at Barnes and Noble on Saturday and there was a woman with her son in the children’s section telling the boy he couldn’t get a book because it was for girls. Aargh! On a funnier note, there was a dad encouraging his daughter to get a book, and she said, “I don’t need to get that one, it’s on t.v.!”

  8. sillyjillybean said,

    Sarah, your story of the wasted coupon comforted me grately today as this weekend I bought 6 half gallons of milk because I had a coupon that would make them cheaper then the gallon milks. Then, I proceeded to pay for them without the coupon, realizing later, and also realizing I had no time to go back and explain and the coupon was going to expire that day. I figured I wasted $4.50 total and I was furious. But, on the bright side, I did use many neighbors garbage cans to get rid of some construction waste from our backyard project and therefore didn’t spend any extra on another garbage load. As far as pink bins….talk to Brian.

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