It’s Game Day … Pray for me!

September 8, 2007 at 8:36 pm (Dougisms, Marriage) 

I am Canadian. We are not generally known for our football enthusiasm. I went to one high school football game when I was a senior, and I went to one game when I was at BYU. I’m still trying to figure out the rules.

I am however, married to a football freak! It’s not all football, it’s just LSU football. The first time I saw Doug watch an LSU game, was after we got married. I had no idea! He ran around our apartment yelling and slamming doors, and I think they won that game! I quickly learned that saying “calm down, it’s just a game” is in no way an appropriate response to anything affiliated with LSU football! And don’t even think abbout saying that LSU and USC were co-national champions in 2003.

Now, this Tiger craziness has made it’s way to the next generation. Samuel has memorized the LSU Fight song, and he’s been talking football all day. He used to get scared when Doug would scream after the touchdowns, now he just glows with pride.

Please, keep me in your thoughts and prayers. It will be a very long week for me if LSU doesn’t win tonight.

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September 7, 2007 at 10:15 pm (Family, Good Deals, Kids)


Maybe we’re a little crazy, but we decided to head to Florida in the middle of August with three kids, three and under, the youngest of whom was 4 weeks. My brother’s wife found an amazing deal to Disney, and we thought that it would be a good opportunity to see a lot of family all at once.

First, the deal:

6 nights in a one bedroom at Disney’s Saratoga Springs

One day at a Disney park for three of us (the two youngest were free)

2 meals and one snack a day for three of us. This included one table service (character meals included) amd one quick service. The table service meals included appetizer, entree and dessert and the tip. It was so much food that were trying our best to use up the credits on the last day!

We got all of this for $850. (That’s for our entire family)

Our first dinner on Sunday night would have come in at over $150. Kudos to Christie for the awesome deal. She’s ruined me for Disney vacations!

The first thing we did when we arrived in Florida was drive to Gainesville to visit with Doug’s brothers. Mike and Ingrid (Happy Birthday Ingrid!) had a baby a month before we had ours, and a double blessing seemed in order! It was great for our family, because a San Antonio blessing would have been a lonely affair for us. Thanks to Ingrid’s hospitality, we had two other Roberts brothers and their families, plus her family. I’m pretty sure, at one point, she had close to 30 people in her house for dinner. This is why it’s hard to be a roberts daughter-in-law: Ingrid just had an almost 12lb baby, plus three other young children, a husband doing his residency, a house full of guests, and she always had a smile on her face. Plus, as an aside, she’s a concert violinist. I don’t even try to compete!


The 2 Baby blessing families. Ingrid is on the far right.

The blessing was wonderful, and my parents were able to make the drive, which made it all the more special for me.


The 4 newest Roberts cousins!


Sunday afternoon we headed to Orlando. This is always kind of a hard trip for me to make because I used to work for the Mouse. Every time I go back I’m reminded that I’m no longer 19! I would pass by Vista Way and reminisce. I’d try and trace my steps(in my head) through the backstage areas. It’s somewhat bittersweet. But, there is a certain joy that comes from watching a three year old get to shoot aliens with Buzz Lightyear!


 Samuel, Mike, Grandpa, & Brady

We didn’t tell Samuel that we were going to Disney until we were there, and I don’t think he really got it until we were inside the park! He loved Splash Mountain the most, but Buzz came in a close second! We only spent 1 1/2 days at the park, but that was more than enough for us. The hotel had great pools, and there were lots of cousins to play with. Plus Samuel had a movie date with his Grandpa!

Now, Doug originally agreed to this on the condition that there would be no more trips to Florida for a very long time, and that we would never again go in the Summer. Well, the joke’s on him. Next summer’s Roberts Family Reunion: Destin, FL in August!

p.s. We rented a Pacifica; they said there were 7 seat belts and room for 5 adults. That may be true, but there certainly wasn’t room for 3 car seats. It’s one of the most impractical cars ever!


 William getting his money’s worth out of the meal plan!



Princess Mackenzie

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I Dare You Not to Smile!

September 4, 2007 at 9:56 pm (Makes me Smile)

On our recent trip to Florida, we attended the Pirate and Princess Party at Magic Kingdom. I would highly recommend it. You go to the park after closing, and they have treats and dancing and special fireworks. My nephew loves to dance, and I thought he was the star of the Tomorrowland dance party! This video makes me happy every time I watch it!

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I’m Back!

September 4, 2007 at 9:03 pm (Uncategorized)

I feel like I haven’t written forever, and, much to Doug’s dismay, the last thing I wrote about was his forgetting my birthday! Just so you all know, he remembered that he forgot my birthday the next day, and we had a lovely birthday dinner, sans kids, after he came home from Alaska. Now, Doug insists he was going to get me the same gift all along, and that my rant had nothing to do with his choice. No, it wasn’t the tank watch or the Birkin bag, but it did come in this box:


Now, I am not encouraging people to rant at their husbands via the internet; in fact, Doug got rather testy when he read the post. In fact, I encourage wives everywhere to do nothing but praise their spouses via the internet! My husband is the most handsome, intelligent, witty engineer ever! He also thinks that every day should be like Valentine’s day (which pretty much equates to no day being like Valentine’s day, but I digress!)! He’s also a great dad who has been changing diapers like crazy lately! And, he supported my crazy idea of taking our three kids to disney world in the middle of August (more about that later).

So, even though I was a little peeved at my husband for the birthday incident, that is now well in the past. I’m over it, and all is well at our house!

As a side note, I know that I am not best known for my cleaning skills, but I took a picture of this just so that people would know that I do make attempts to keep my house clean … especially when Doug is away! I want him to think that I’m being productive! 





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