What is wrong with this picture?

October 16, 2007 at 4:54 pm (Texas)



Ah, Fall … the crisp Autumn air, the beautiful leaves, the sandals and flip flops? This isn’t right! I love Texas. It’s great … really, but come on! I took the boys to a pumpkin patch yesterday, and by the time we left they were completely covered in sweat. That’s not how Autumn is supposed to be. I grew up wearing snow pants under my Halloween costumes! This year my kids could dress up as Tarzan! It’s just not right. I need changing seasons. I don’t even know if there is such a thing a soup weather here. I could serve Summer salads all year long! Some of the gardening catalogs suggest plants that bloom red and orange in the Fall so that you can try and fool yourself into thinking the leaves are changing color. This is kind of depressing. Some people get sad in the winter, well I get sad if there is no winter! Curse Al Gore and his Inconvenient Truth! (p.s. Who gets the Peace Prize for a documentary?)


  1. ingrid said,

    It sounds like you are experiencing a Florida fall. Our kids were sweating last night at the pumpkin patch as well. I will admit, this fall has been ALOT warmer than the past two years, so hopefully it will cool down soon. A few years ago, however, we did go swimming during the holidays because it was so warm. I believe it was New Year’s Day! I cannot imagine what a “real” autumn and a “real” fall feel like any more. On a more positive note – you will save big on not having to purchase much as far as a winter wardrobe for you or the kids…

  2. sillyjillybean said,

    Well let me tell ya, I am with ya when it comes to changing seasons. Although they are mild here, they do occur and the fall leaves right now are spectacular. I would trade you for sunny weather right now this week because we have had several straight days of rain. It is nice to be in a cocoon once in a while. Love the shorts on the kids, we are in raincoats here!

    Also, can you believe Gore won? I thought Nobel Prizes when to people who worked lifelong on specific causes, not those who receive an Emmy/Oscar and some year long kudos. What is the world becomming-apparently hot!

  3. liz said,

    When we lived in Georgia, we were in short sleeves practically year-round, but the natives were not! It was so funny how they’d think it was cold when the temperature dropped just a little bit. It was nice to be able to do outdoor activities year-round, but I do enjoy my four seasons. I don’t know if I’d choose to live forever in the South — kind of feels like the twilight zone (in more ways than one).

  4. pam said,

    This is exactly why i never really became all that fond of Hawaii. Everyone else thought we lived in paradise, I felt like I was in the movie Ground Hog’s Day. Every morning I’d wake up and it would be exactly the same as the day before – 82 degrees and sunny. It really irked me! And don’t even get me started about those Christmases spent on the beach cooking hot dogs and the hibachi! I’ve got Gabe so excited about the snow and skiing here in Utah – now I’m just worried we’ll end up moving before he truly gets to enjoy any of that. Snow and rain and wood burning fires are what childhood winters and holidays are made of.

  5. Greg said,

    Winter is WAY over rated.

  6. rhall said,

    Sarah, one of these days a norther will come down and the temp will go down from 80 to 40 in an hour. I rather liked San Antonio weather, loved the rainstorms, dangerous though. The humidity was tough in the summer, but it sure made swimming lovely. We truly loved San Antonio.

  7. Nisa Hunt said,

    If it makes you feel better, we took our kindergarten class to the pumpkin patch and it was freezing. We ran out of kleenex and the kid’s noses drained unhappily. Then the mist rolled in and we got a little lost in the pumpkin patch. Last it began to rain, so we were wet, muddy and our pumpkins were cold and dirty. Even hot cocoa didn’t take away the chill.

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