I know it’s a sin, but …

November 28, 2007 at 8:30 pm (Fun Stuff)

Envy. It’s one of the big ones. It’s one of the deadly ones. Still, I’m guilty of it. I want to look like this (The one in the middle!):

Episode 510A

I’m a little obsessed with Dancing with the Stars, and now that another season is over I’m starting to feel the withdrawals! Every season I imagine myself slightly famous and dancing! After my one intro to Ballroom class at BYU I think that I am sufficiently prepared! Now, if I could get in shape like Edyta and then get famous, I would be halfway there! The other half would be convincing my husband! Now that I am a married mother of three it is probably a little inappropriate for me to be spending the majority of my time with another man, dancing in hardly any clothing! If he and I were both famous then we could go on together!

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Where oh where has my little blog gone?

November 25, 2007 at 11:53 pm (Family)


For all three of you who read this I apologize for my little absence. I have been travelling the world! Well not exactly the world, but North America and Texas!

I got to take a little trip to Nova Scotia to see my sister and the rest of my family. It was a fun filled week-end. I wish I had some great software to show you my plane flying all over the place in just 4 days.

The day after the baby and I got back we left for Dallas with the whole family. We spent the holiday with Doug’s sister and her family. I have to say, as much as I love San Antonio and the Riverwalk, it just doesn’t compare to Dallas. That city is crazy cool. All kinds of glass and lights and a road system that makes a little bit of sense!

Anyway, I’m back and I’ll think of some fun stuff to say tomorrow.

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At least I was never this uncool!

November 13, 2007 at 5:52 pm (Uncategorized)

I still have hope to be a pageant queen: 

How did this girl ever become Miss Douglas?

I may just dust off ye olde violin. Watch out family reunion talent show 2008!

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Was I Ever Cool?

November 12, 2007 at 11:33 pm (Fun Stuff)

I should have known way back when I was a young, hip 23 year old on my way to BYU. My cousin Anne called and said she had a space in her apartment and that she and her roomates could use a “maternal” influence! If I wasn’t cool at 23, why would I be cool now?

So, once again my dear husband is out of town. I have a little bit of tim to myself where I could be at the spa or out shopping, you know, things that cool people do, but no, what did I spend my day doing:


 I recently purchased Jessica Seinfeld’s  book on cooking for children, and I decided to make some purees. Above are roasted beets. Soon to be making their way into pancakes and brownies.


After the pureeing the vegetables (this time sweet potatoes), I froze it in individual portions in a lovely silicone muffin cups (all the better for popping them out after freezing), which I also bought for the project. 


 Next I popped out the frozen portions and sealed them in my new vacuum sealer ! This might be me at the height of my uncool. I have been wanting a vacuum sealer for the past few years. I finally found one on sale a couple of weeks ago and I bought it for all the things I have been wanting to vacuum seal!

Next, I made some sweet potato pancakes for the boys. I have to say, they were a huge hit. The boys had four pancakes each! The thing I really like about the recipes is that they don’t try to be too healthy with things like sprouts or seaweed. They just include a little extra in the way of fruits and vegetables.

I will be trying the spinach brownies for our playdate on Thursday. We’ll see how other kids like them!


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Before and After

November 9, 2007 at 4:23 pm (Family)


Well, I’m feeling more like a grown-up. This week our new couch and chair arrived. No more empty living room/ children’s race track. It was hard to convince the kids that the living room wasn’t a playroom when there was nothing in it. Now, however they might listen (ha! ha! ha!). I’m so excited for my chair. It is my own personal reading area. When we were looking Doug tried to get me to get a love-seat, but I said no. I didn’t want to share my reading chair with someone else (what was I just saying about feeling grown-up!). So, Doug got his long, comfortable couch perfect for watching LSU games, and I got my cozy chair for reading US Weekly  The Wall Street Journal while Doug watches LSU games! At some point we’ll have to get the t.v. to go with the couch. I figured I wouldn’t press Doug on the issue. He’ll only be able to stare at that blank wall for so long before he cracks! This will be his incentive to fill out the reimbursement forms for the move!


Next up, the bedroom …

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November 9, 2007 at 4:12 pm (Family)


Sometimes you have to ask yourself, are white powder footprints in the house ever a good thing?


To which my response is, probably not!

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I Did It!

November 3, 2007 at 8:38 pm (Family)


I know some of questioned my parenting skills when we decided to make Samuel save for the Playmobil castle, but I stand by my decision. Last week, after a few months of saving and a store sale, Samuel was finally able to go and pay for hs castle! The first thing he asked when he got to the was “how much does it cost?” It seems like a small success to me.

Of course, after spending an hour putting it together my son only wanted to play with he dragon from the picture on the box. For some reason though, the dragon wasn’t among the 2 million pieces in the box. We had to buy that separately. Fortunately Grandpa decided to purchase the dragon for Samuel;s birthday present. All is well, and we are still trying to be fiscally responsible!

I have to say, after all the hassle of putting it together and the constant battles between the two boys that continually result in the destruction of some part of the castle, I am reaffirming my love for the Fisher Price Little People Castle!

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