Was I Ever Cool?

November 12, 2007 at 11:33 pm (Fun Stuff)

I should have known way back when I was a young, hip 23 year old on my way to BYU. My cousin Anne called and said she had a space in her apartment and that she and her roomates could use a “maternal” influence! If I wasn’t cool at 23, why would I be cool now?

So, once again my dear husband is out of town. I have a little bit of tim to myself where I could be at the spa or out shopping, you know, things that cool people do, but no, what did I spend my day doing:


 I recently purchased Jessica Seinfeld’s  book on cooking for children, and I decided to make some purees. Above are roasted beets. Soon to be making their way into pancakes and brownies.


After the pureeing the vegetables (this time sweet potatoes), I froze it in individual portions in a lovely silicone muffin cups (all the better for popping them out after freezing), which I also bought for the project. 


 Next I popped out the frozen portions and sealed them in my new vacuum sealer ! This might be me at the height of my uncool. I have been wanting a vacuum sealer for the past few years. I finally found one on sale a couple of weeks ago and I bought it for all the things I have been wanting to vacuum seal!

Next, I made some sweet potato pancakes for the boys. I have to say, they were a huge hit. The boys had four pancakes each! The thing I really like about the recipes is that they don’t try to be too healthy with things like sprouts or seaweed. They just include a little extra in the way of fruits and vegetables.

I will be trying the spinach brownies for our playdate on Thursday. We’ll see how other kids like them!



  1. ingrid said,

    Of course, you are VERY cool. I’m intrigued now by Jessica Seinfield’s book after clicking on the links. I seriously am amazed that your kids are eating pancakes made out of beets and brownies with spinach! I’ll give it a go over here and let you know how we do…

  2. Greg said,

    You got me beat in the coolness factor . . is there anything more uncool than a Single White Male Mormon Accountant that lives in Utah?

    BTW – I love my vacuum sealer!

  3. liz said,

    Greg cracks me up.
    Sarah, I think you are cooler than I am, but that’s probably not much of a compliment. I’ve been wanting to know more about that cookbook — you definitely need to post reviews off all the recipes you try, so I know if it’s worth doing or not. I’m thinking sweet potato pancakes might be an easier sell than spinach brownies?

  4. sillyjillybean said,

    I guess one day I will leave my processed food ways, my ho-hos, ding dongs, hershey chocolate brownies, and oh, let’s not forget my favorite…pizza from papa johns! Well, one day, maybe when you are in town and I actually try one of these healthy creations. The real question is, will Brian notice sweet potato in his pancakes?

  5. Christina said,

    I think you’re super cool! Way to make the most of your time!

    We think that Greg is cool and funny – Jason was laughing out loud.

  6. pam said,

    Coolness aside, I was touring our recently vacated pathology tissue bank the other day and came upon a vacuum sealer. I hesitated for a moment trying to think firstly, if I would put one to good use if I were to have saved it from hitting the dump but my second thought had visions of what the pathology lab used it for and I decided to take a pass. wish I had known -I could have save you a few more dollars! Hah!

    Keep me informed of the recipe success – particularly the spinach brownies. I need to bake some nutrition into the stuff my kids will actually eat!

  7. danielle said,

    Hi I am Anne’s friend (and one of her roommates back then) and I say you are very cool. Gadgets are cool. Vegetables are cool. Feeding your kids is mostly cool. And individually wrapping and freezing things is very very cool. Seriously. Who needs the spa. A vacuum packer is so much better.

  8. Anne said,

    I am so mortified. DId I really say that to you????!!!!

  9. Nisa Hunt said,

    Cool is a matter of perspective. Those following the righteous parth are rarely considered cool. Britney Spears and Whatsername Hilton, however, are the queens of cool and their lives are a complete wreck, they lead others astray in each action they take and often merely by their example, which extends as far as Satan can stretch it. Cool is relative to this mortal life and will likely return to its former definition regarding temperature in the the heavenly sphere. But from what I read, you are doing fantastic being kind, considerate, complimentary, humorous, concerned for others and responsible for those things within your sphere of influence. Perhaps it is time that we make these such attributes more popular.

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