Guess Who’s 2?

December 13, 2007 at 1:08 am (Family)

Well, it’s official, William has entered the terrible twos! It’s also official that as the middle child he has gotten the short end of the birthday stick.

I have had a pan in the pantry that make a ball cake. I was all excited for the baseball. It should have looked like this:


Instead, I followed some advice from Taylor about whipped cream frosting. Note to self: whipped cream frosting doesn’t work on baseball cakes!


I thought that making the picture smaller would lessen the hideousness of this atrocity, but to no avail! Poor second child with a poorly designed birthday celebration!

Oh well. Even though I wasn’t too impressed William seemed to enjoy himself!




  1. pam said,

    i’m laughing so loud it hurts and people are wondering what I’m doing back here in my office. (by the way, when you click on your photo, it’s not so small and unnoticeable that there are ‘issues’)

    I think you should have left off the red laces and presented as a snowball.

    Happy Birthday William!

  2. Greg said,

    Happy Birthday to William.

  3. Christina said,

    Happy Birthday William! Wish us luck for Delia’s cake next week!

  4. Anne said,

    Oh I still think it’s cute. Sorry about the frosting mishap!

  5. Nisa Hunt said,

    I think its awesome. Whip cream is tastier and sometimes style just isn’t as important as taste!

  6. Taylor said,

    I feel so bad about your cake. I should have put a disclaimer about spherical cakes. Now we all know I guess. Did it at least taste good?

  7. sillyjillybean said,

    That cake rocks! Quit your moanin’ and groanin’. William’s life could be worse, he could have a birthday party hosted by me!

  8. Ingrid said,

    Hey- I like that cake! It has character!

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