Aah… the resolutions

January 4, 2008 at 3:19 pm (Lists)

I’d been mulling over the idea of the resolutions when I went to visit Liz’s site. She seemed to have some very reasonable ideas and they forced me to rethink the viability of my keeping a spotless house. It’s not that I can’t keep a spotless house (well, maybe I can’t; I guess I wouldn’t know unless I tried!).

So, what should my list consist of? How long should it be? Should it just be about me, or should it involve the rest of the family?

Here it goes:

1. More experiences, less stuff.

2. Earlier to bed, earlier to rise.

3. Less clutter.

4. Start writing in my journal again.

5. Figure out Photoshop. This goes directly against resolution #1, because I bought this book that Pam suggested: Photoshop CS3

Okay, it’s in print and maybe that will help me stick to the list. Thanks for the inspiration Liz!



  1. sillyjillybean said,

    These are absolutely perfect resolutions with reasonable expectations. What are Doug’s resolutions? I think one of them should be family vacation to Oregon complete with swimming, lakeside waterskiing, horseback riding, and endless conversation with Rozanne & Jill:)

  2. sillyjillybean said,

    Also: Endless conversation with Brian (this is for Doug). That should make the deal complete!

  3. liz said,

    Thanks for calling me reasonable — I’ll take that as a compliment. I second Jill’s motion about a trip to Oregon for the Roberts, but suggest you plan it for the first two weeks in August, when the Lamberts will be there as well. It would be the perfect place to have experiences! August there is hot, but it is the necessary time to be there to experience the glory that is Roger and Rozanne’s garden. Also pick blackberries. And go to the cabin.

  4. Greg said,

    I third the Oregon recommendation. I know another cool cat who will likely be living up there by august.

  5. ingrid said,

    OK, so I am reading these posts on all your friends and family that live in Oregon and now feeling sheepish about asking why you would want to move to Oregon. Of course, you have family there! Just remember the little people in Florida…

    I second #1! I am getting that book you recommended. And it was wonderful to see you and your family this past weekend! GEAUX TIGERS!

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