Don’t make me call the Geek Squad

January 25, 2008 at 11:04 pm (Doug Stuff)

My computer has been on the fritz all week long. Everything is super slow, and I can’t leave any comments on blogs requiring a blogger sign in, which means I haven’t been able to enter any of Design Mom’s contests. It’s killing me!

What’s really obnoxious though, is that I am married to the ultimate geek, and he hasn’t fixed it yet. Apparently the computer works well enough for his latest Excel spreadsheet, and that’s good enough for him! I mean, come on. I actually threatened to call Geek Squad thinking that would threaten his inner geekness… not so much! And, I can’t actually call Geek Squad because they are very pricey.

Oh what to do. I need my high speed hook up!


  1. ingrid said,

    Design Mom has contests? I will have to check it out…

    I hope you get your computer working properly soon!!!!

  2. ingrid said,

    Just entered Design Mom’s contest and entered for you too…

  3. Nisa said,

    Been there. . . last year my husband spent so much time fixing our elderly neighbor’s computer that my computer slowly went south. Now, my poor computer is in a packing box and I’m trying to make do with an old laptop my husband pulled out of the AMD trash. It probably should have remained in the trash. Once again he is too busy at work, to give much help. So we live on limited capabilities. Good luck getting it fixed!

  4. anne said,

    Yer hilarious.

  5. rhall said,

    Just an update to tell you I got up to 53 on free rice, didn’t know you could get past 50! There are some utterly didiculous words, almost silly choices at that point – I wonder if they’ve added some recently.

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