Does this make me look flat?

February 11, 2008 at 12:25 am (Family)


So, this is my youngest in all his glory. At his two month check-up the pediatrician mentioned a concern with his head. After a trip to the neuro-surgeon it was determined that my son is a “lazy baby!” The other problem is that he has a lazy mother! I didn’t give him enough tummy time, and the left side of his head became a little flat. The best piece of advice I’ve received was to “distract him while he’s sleeping” so that he gets even pressure on both sides of his head. How, I ask you, do you distract a sleeping baby?

So, the doctor prescribed the helmet. It’s all custom designed for his head, hence the $1600 price tag (thank goodness for Aetna). It’s got a fancy comic book design, but it’s also a little creepy. After we saw what other people had done with their helmets, I kind of wished that we left it plain so that we could have turned it into an LSU helmet!

So, you know how babies smell like babies. Well, with the helmet, babies smell like a high school locker room, and that’s when everything is good. When he gets a fungal infection on his head, it’s a whole other degree of nasty! 



  1. Sharleen said,

    So, really we should both be sleeping right now, but I had to stop and comment on this. I have taken Isaac to see Dr. Wehby (the neuro-surgeon). She’s from TN and has a fabulous accent. Isaac also had a CT scan done on his head when he was 9mo. The end result of each of these was Dr. Wehby saying:”He’s gonna be just fine Honey”. The first visit was because his head was still cone shaped at 6mo. and we wanted to get him a helmet (I wanted to decorate it like a BYU football helmet (sorry no strong LSU ties here)). She said he didn’t need one and it wouldn’t be noticeable by the time he was 2. His head shape has improved and it’s barely noticeable. The CT scan and second visit were because his head size was off the charts. Turns out we just have a very large kid! BTW, your blogs are VERY entertaining. 🙂

  2. Christina said,

    He looks cute – the helmet matches his eyes!

  3. ingrid said,

    I don’t think you are lazy at all, Sarah! I have seen your list of good-reads and any person that reads as much as you cannot have an ounce of laziness!!! My personal opinion is that some children just have a tendency to lean towards one side more than the other. Our youngest has a tendency to sleep on his right side and I too try to “distract” him when he is sleeping and move his head to the left side.

    If you are serious about the LSU helmet idea, can you paint over what you have now? I’m ALL about LSU! (Ok, well, Mike is and together we are one, right?)

  4. anne said,

    Lazy Shmazy. It happens. How long does he have to wear the helmet?

  5. rhall said,

    Roger’s brother’s granddaughter had to wear one for a while, not too long, and she is just fine now. Does he handle it ok? Better to do it before it gets too hot, which will be soon there. love you.

  6. Amy Macdonald said,

    What a little cutie! I miss you all!

  7. liz said,

    Oh man, what a pain! I’m sure it’s not so fun, but will go by fast. Ah, the life of the modern parent — I guess in the old days, if a kid’s head was flat that was just his tough luck.

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