Before and After: The Pantry

March 22, 2008 at 4:00 pm (before and after)

I know you’ve all been waiting anxiously for the next installment of Before and After. Well, the wait is over! I present to you my pantry.


I love having a pantry, but when we moved in I was so focused on getting unpacked that I didn’t really spend a lot of time focusing my energy on finding logical spaces for things. Recently I’ve been feeling like we’re completely out of space in the kitchen. So I completely emptied the pantry. My goal was to store all of our food in the pantry plus a few often used appliances like the Bosch. So, as I was emptying out placemats and trays and straws and popsicles sticks I was once again overcome with thoughts of, “I can’t believed we moved this halfway across the country!” 


Once I got to organizing, I realized we weren’t out of space at all, I was just being really ineffective with how I utilized my space. So, it’s been almost a week, and the pantry is still going strong. Special thanks to Anna for hooking us up wth the Cansolidator. I’ve always wanted the gigantic shelf system, but I never had the room. Now, I’ve at least got a good start. We also have a great behind the the door spice rack from the Container Store. It’s from their Elfa collection.



As a special treat to you all, today I am including not just the before and after pictures, but also a during. I started thhis one night and it took me a coupe of days to get it just the way I wanted it, so were were living pretty cluttered for a while. Now though, there’s nothing stopping us. I’m ready to be like Jill all the time!



  1. ingrid said,

    Wow! Really, Sarah, that is an amazing difference! You’ve been busy! (Not that you haven’t been already with your FOUR boys!) You really deserve a new red purse from Doug. We don’t have a pantry at all over here, but one day I will follow your inspiration and hopefully be as tidy as you’ve been with your “after” pantry.

  2. sharwars said,

    Way to go! The pantry looks pretty! Look at all that food storage! Is that a wheat grinder? You’ve inspired me — I’m going to clean up all of my clutter magnets. Wish me luck . . .

  3. Christina said,

    Look at you go! Great work!

  4. Sharleen said,

    So I already left a comment on this post and I saw it actually show up in the comments section and now it isn’t there . . .? Seriously, your blog doesn’t like me! Anyway, you’ve inspired me to be more organized!

  5. Sharleen said,

    Ok, really weird, my first comment is back. I’m sure all of my comments make me look computer incompetent . . . . maybe I am!

  6. rhall said,

    I am getting a tiny pantry, by closing off the end of my 2 door bathroom by the kitchen. It is in the works – 2 bathrooms are currently demolished. Enjoy that big pantry!

  7. Jill said,

    I got to tell you I was so very impressed. I am in the process of cleaning out some cupboards and just feel so good every time I clean another. The only depressing thing is that my grandmother who sends her journal via e-mail every day is doing the same thing as I at the age of 85. Am I OCD or what? And now, I find out it is never going to dissappear.

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