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April 14, 2008 at 10:15 pm (Family, Fun Stuff)

Most of the time I feel like our life is a little bit blah. I’m not complaining, because every time there’s been a lot of excitement it’s been chaos, but we were definitely becoming predictable. That is until last week. Now, I feel like it’s been non-stop activity for 2 weeks straight (and by non-stop activity, I mostly mean getting the house ready for my father’s inspection!).

We went to Houston a week ago to meet my father and Ellen before they went on their cruise. Doug took that opportunity to make his way to California for Greg’s birthday party, so the boys and I had some quality time with grandpa and grandma. All I can say is, thank heavens for this invention:


I don’t know how we would have made it through Houston without this guy givig us some much needed help. It got us to the mall, the movie theater and the Popeye’s Fried Chicken.  Doug also used one in California, and now I hink we’re pretty much sold on the idea. It make make its way into our home via some sort of joint birthday gift!

We hung out with my parents for the week-end, and then they were off on their cruise. Doug came back into town Sunday afternoon, and then we headed for home. On the way back I made Doug stop here:

so that I could look at the Martha Stewart village. All I can say is, deluxe! If you’re driving through Houston, or any other city where KB is building Martha homes you need to stop by. I would have taken some pictures inside, but they’re kind of particular, and I didn’t want Martha to get mad at me. These houses were gorgeous. Apparently the new theme in master suites is a completely separate bathroom for the man and woman. It’s not overly practical, but I kind of like the idea of never having to see my husband’s bathroom! Of course, if I never see it I would nver be tempted to clean it, and then who knows what would happen! 

During the first part of the week I was in a little bit of a funk, but then I talked to a friend and I read this, and I decided there must have just been something in the air. Every so often you just need to feel like someone knows how you feel, so talking to Anna and reading Anne were a total pick me up.

This week I also planted my garden. It’s amazing how impending houseguests can get you moving. Last year, my mother-in-law sent around questionnaires to all the girls in the family. Oh, I can’t tell you how I stressed over these questions. It took me a couple of hours because I wanted to make sure that things were right. Doug and I are from diferent types of families, and sometimes I think my sense of humor is a little much for Doug’s parents. So, I stressed and I stressed. I reviewed my answers with Doug, but he didn’t get what all the stress was about. Then, all the girls’ answers started coming out in e-mails. I wasn’t quick enough, so now I knew what all my sisters-in-law were writing and that added to the stress. What is the point of all this, you are asking yourself. Well I’ll tell you … One of my answers to the goals question was about how I wanted to start a garden, and oh yeah, my in-laws are coing home in a week and there are no vegetables in my back yard! So, to make a long story all that much longer, we planted a garden!

I wanted this:

Copper Cap Raised Beds

but it was a little pricey, so instead my husband built me this:


It pays to marry a handy man!

I feel good though, because I planted my seeds a couple of weeks ago, and as of yesterday, it’s all still alive. The woman at the garden told me that I for sure wouldn’t kill the tomatoes, because apparently I don’t have a plant killer aura about me. I’ll let you know how that works out.

On Saturday I went to a cooking class with a couple of friends. It was a class on Parisian desserts. I don’t know about you, but a bacon and goat cheese cake doesn’t really sound like dessert to me! The bonus was that I finally got to see the Central Market. For those of you in Texas, Central Market is a totally lovely grocery store. I will post later about some of my finds. For now the find I will tell you about is crawfish! They were having a big crawfish boil and they were selling 20lb bags of live crawfish. So, I asked my friend if she would mind if I put a bag in her trunk, and she kindly said yes.

So, that brings us to yesterday, where we had our crawfish boil. Dad and Ellen came back from their cruise, plus there was a family who just moved here from Baton Rouge so, we were ready for some entertaining. Well, I don’t know how entertaining we were, but we had crawfish so that makes up for a lot!

I am envisioning one more busy week, and then we’ll be in the clean mode for our next round of visitors!


  1. Sharleen said,

    I am sooooooo impressed with all you’ve done the last couple of weeks. I stressed about that email too. I think I have an “in-law complex”. 🙂 How fun to have so many visitors. I don’t think I’ve done a thing for the last eight days. I don’t think I can be busy for more than one week at a time. I need big long and lazy breaks. The cheese cake sounds weird and the crawfish boil sounds like fun. I wish I could plant a garden, but apt. living is only affording us a couple of potted plants . . . one day . . .

  2. Sharleen said,

    Why am I not one of your “homies”. I am hurt.

  3. Sharleen said,

    Is it because my punctuation stinks? (See above comment where a period was used instead of a question mark.)

  4. liz said,

    I want to come to a crawfish boil! When we lived in Georgia we attended several “low-country boils” and it was tasty! But I’m kind of chicken to try it myself. Nor do I have the setup. (I don’t think the boil is really a Georgia thing, but someone borrowed the idea from Louisiana and it was trendy in our ward for awhile.)

  5. Greg said,

    I will see you in May! I may go online and change my plans to stay an extra day (Right now I am only there 1 day). Life has gotten very very interesting around my neck of the woods (actually more like frozen tundra than a forest, but you get the picture)

    Thanks again to Doug for coming to Cali for my Birthday, there are pictures up on the Evite if you want to see.

  6. Christina said,

    Good luck with that garden. It looks great! Have fun this week.

  7. sillyjillybean said,

    Crawfish? Garden Box? Houseguests? I am tired of thinking what you have been up to for 2 weeks!

  8. courtney said,

    I found your blog off of scott and aimee’s blog which I found off of my friend Lexi’s blog. Hope you don’t mind! 🙂 I know what you mean about just needing to know that someone knows how you feel when you aren’t feeling so good. Sometimes I just need to know that its okay to feel what i’m feeling and that i’m not nuts for it and that alone makes me feel better.
    Wow, i’m impressed with the garden. If I look at plant, it dies. I actually killed an airplant once. all it needed was air, but i watered it.
    I didn’t know martha was into building houses. I’ll bet they’re really affordable (hahaha) with separate his/her bathrooms and all.
    We loved having crawfish with you guys last Sunday. It meant a whole lot that you guys invited us over. Its been sorta scary moving and it helped to have your family welcoming us so readily. We were very “entertained.” 🙂 See you tomorrow at church!

  9. aunt Charlotte #1 said,

    I opened up Dan’s blog and got into a link of Doug and Sarah’s. Lots of fun reading all your notes….seeing the fotos etc. Keep the blog going and I’ll check in once in a while. My plans right now is to go to BR for Sam’s 90th birthday. Maybe I’ll see you there. and then to go to Desdin in August for the Roberts BLAST. That will be a once in a life time affair. Take care lots of love to you all. Aunt Charlotte

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