A Recent Timeline

May 13, 2008 at 4:04 pm (Lists)

So, this is what we’ve been up to for the past couple of weeks:

April 23: Doug’s parents get home from Mongolia

April 24: Doug’s parents call to let us know they’re home from Mongolia and that they’re speaking in church on Sunday

April 25: Battle of the Flowers holiday in San Antonio; we head to Dallas via the back roads

April 26: A trip to the American Girl Store; nephew’s baseball game; naked burritos at Amy’s; a trip to the quilt asylum

April 27: Sacrament Meeting in Dallas to hear Doug’s parents’ homecoming talk; lunch with the in-laws; a 2 year old with an apparent eye inection; a return drive to San Antonio; finding out my grandmother died; Doug hearing from Mike D. for the first time in forever; finding out Greg went on a date with a girl that doug had gone out with many a year ago (freaked Doug out slightly); arrived home with a two year-old with a fever of 103; bought plane ticket to Halifax

April 28: Took two year old to Doctor and found out eye infection was actually pneumonia; went for our first ever chest x-rays; had visit from wonderful visiting teachers who offered to find me help with my kids while I was in Halifax

April 29: Took 9 month old for his well-check visit, realised I made an error when I purchased my plane ticket and was now returning on Monday instead of Sunday, packed my bag; did all the laundry so that Doug could make it through 6 days with two boys; got some food from Schwan’s so that he wouldn’t have to cook

April 30: Woke the boys up at 4:00 am so that we could drive to Austin to make my 7:00 am flight; flew to Dulles and then Halifax; greeted by my sister and her kids with a wonderful Tim Horton’s doughnut; went back to the Inn; had dinner; went to the first viewing at the funeral home; visited with family; went back to Dad’s and had some chocolate croissants and Fong’s egg rolls (even in the modst of all of his funeral planning, my dad still thought to get me some yummy treats, watched American idol, talked to Doug; found out I had know idea how hard it was to deal with two sick boys

May 1: Breakfast at the Tavern; an afternoon viewing; Swiss Chalet with the family; another viewing; a lecture from my brother and ten year-old nephew on the evils of hard plastic, and the petroleum industry; a nine month old baby throwing up at the funeral home; said good-bye to Brooke on AI;

May 2: My Nan’s funeral, burial at the Camp Hill Cemetary; pizza and donair with all of my siblings at dad’s; horribly bad movie with Christina; Jessica’s sweet sixteen

May 3: A morning breakfast visit with Ellen’s family at their deluxe downtown condo; helped Christina pack up the truck for the big move; took a tour through the old neighbourhood; fish and chips for dinner; packed up Jason’s snacks for the big roadie

May 4: Church; visit with my Grandpa and his lady-friend; yummy steaks for dinner with Dad, Ellen, Christina and her kids; pack to go home

May 5: A trip to downtown Halifax; a couple of souvenirs; lunch at Sweet Basil; back to dad’s to load up the car; go through customs where I realise I forgot to bring my green card; an interview in the US immigration back office; a flight to Chicago with an emergency landing in Detroit; an evening in the Romulus, MI Ramada

May 6: A 6:00 am flight to Chicago; 8:00 am flight to San Antonio where the man across the aisle was none too impressed with my nursing a baby, but equally unimpressed when said baby started crying; arrival in San Antonio; pick up the kids from kidspace; Doug back to work; dad’s spaghetti for dinner; sleep

May 7: Hung out with Henry; made pinatas; again a little bit lazy (maybe this was all yesterday, it’s all a haze)

May 8: Lazed around all day long: dinner at Zio’s

 May 9: Swimming with friends; Trip to Costco; primary activity; enjoyed some Nyquil

May 10: Spent the day sick in bed; Doug took the boys out searching for Mother’s day fun; the beginning of more sick boys

May 11: Breakfast in bed; Church with only one boy; more Mothers day goodness; dinner; walk; puking boys x2

May 12: Reading, playing with my new toy; dinner; preparing for Doug’s special day; Dancing with the Stars

May 13: Made a birthday cake; Hanging with Anna and Henry; wrapping presents; trying to clean in preaparation for greg’s arrival; changing birthday plans; paid bills; wrote the blog; gave up on decorating for the birthday dinner bacause it has been postponed until tomorrow…

Perhaps this is a bit long and tedious, but it’s why I haven’t been around lately.


  1. Nisa said,

    Wow, that makes me exhausted and my week not so bad. Hope the funeral was lovely and comforting. So sorry to hear about your grandmother.

  2. Greg said,

    You so do not need to clean just because I am coming down there.

  3. Sharleen said,

    Sarah, I think you and your whole family need some R&R! What a crazy couple of weeks. My condolences and sympathy to you and your family for the loss of your grandmother.
    In case Warren doesn’t get ahold of Doug today, tell him “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” from all of us!

  4. Sylvia Edwards said,

    Love you .Happy Birthday Doug .

  5. liz said,

    Your list made me wish I could come help you for a few days. Of course I’d have to bring a couple of little kids with me, which is ultimately, not helpful. Months like this make normal life seem pretty attractive, no? Sorry about all the puking 😦

  6. ingrid said,

    Oh Sarah! You have alot going on! I do think it is wonderful that you were able to share the passing of your grandmother with your family and be with and comfort one another. I am SO sorry about all the vomiting and sick children, and hope they all get better soon! Mike just got back from DC and the first thing he said was, “I cannot believe I did not call Doug on his birthday!” He was seriously quite distraught…I think some belated birthday wishes will be coming soon…

    You are in my thoughts, Sarah. I too wish I could be of some help to you with a quick visit over there, but my crew of 4 would probably just make things more hectic! One of these days, I will make a solo visit!

  7. ingrid said,

    Did you hear about Angelina’s twins?

  8. Jill said,


    Loved this blog. I love feeling like we don’t live so far apart. It’s like when I will see you next no time has passed due to your amazing blog entries. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

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