Time for a Creepy Breakfast

May 22, 2008 at 12:21 pm (What were they thinking?)

I have a confession to make: sometimes I buy breakfast cereal for the toys! Don’t get me wrong, I would never pay full price for a box of cereal, and I won’t buy something we wouldn’t eat just because they’re giving away a pedometer. I will however, choose the box that gives me a free dvd over the box that gives me absolutely nothing.

So it was that I went to the grocery store the other night. Our oldest has been saving tokens from his Rice Krispies so that he can get a Hot Wheels watch. He was one token away and we were all out of cereal. When I got to the breakfast aisle I was met with a myriad of choices. There were lots of brands on sale and lots of bonus things.

I picked up the Rice Krispies first. Then I moved on to the Raisin Bran because they do dvd giveaways with free shipping. I also needed to pick up some Cheerios for the baby. Imagine my surprise when I noticed Batman figurines in the box of plain Cheerios. I was very excited because the boys are going through a superhero phase right now, and normally you get nothing with the “healthy” cereals!

Imagine my horror the next morning when the boys open the box and get this:


How’s that for a way for a four year old to start his day? Luckily, Doug saw it first and convinced the boys to go with the cereal that had the light up Indiana Jones spoon. Is it just me, or is it in bad taste to use an obviously adult oriented character as a child’s giveaway? It’s kind of how I felt when they had all of the Austin Powers dolls. There are just some things that are inappropriate for children. Maybe I’m getting a little sheltered in my old age, but I don’t think so.





  1. Sharleen said,

    Does the toy do something fantastic? For example, if you wind up its head does it spin really fast and then topple off? Does it sing like David Cook or dance like Marie Osmond? Because really, I just don’t see how this toy would be interesting to anyone over the age of 2. I can see that Isaac or Benjamin, or the likes, would enjoy it as a teether (depending on the material it is made of). However, I I think just about every age group would find it either creepy or boring. Hence, the question if it does any tricks. If it doesn’t, I hope it can be recycled – b/c otherwise it’s worthless. OK, maybe not completely worthless, it made for an interesting post.

  2. Christina said,


  3. Jill said,

    I had to buy 3 boxes of Frosted Flakes just to get the Indiana Jones spoons for my kids:)

  4. Nisa said,

    That is a horrible looking toy!

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