The Crawfish Boil

May 23, 2008 at 4:23 pm (Family)


I wrote last month about the little crawfish boil that we had at the house when my dad was in town. Now, I’m going to show you what a real crawfish boil looks like. Well, this is what I assume a real crawfish boil looks like, but since I haven’t been to that many, I’m only guessing here!

My first taste of the Louisiana crawfish boil came about six years ago. Doug and I travelled to Houston so that I could meet his parents before we got engaged (I assume this was to give his family a chance to tell him to run for the hills!). As if the pressure of meeting his parents wasn’t enough, we also took a trip to Lake Charles, LA for an extended family crawfish boil. There I met Doug’s grandparents, his aunts and uncles, and some of is siblings. It was a little overwhelming, to say the least.

In addition to trying to keep all of the names straight was the pressure of trying to look cool, calm and collected in very hot and humid temperatures. Also, there was the minor detail of the crawfish. I’m from Nova Scotia, and I enjoy a good lobster with some melted butter. I assumed the crawfish would be a mini version of this. I was wrong!

Grandma and Grand-dad going to town on some crawfish!

The Louisiana crawfish boil is an all day event. It involves many, many, many pounds of live crawfish. There is a huge pot that is boiling outside, near the barn. Now, here is what I really wasn’t prepared for: it is very spicy. The fish is spicy, and so you think you’ll get a break by having a piece of corn on the cob, but the corn is actually spicier than the fish. By the end of it both my fingers and lips were numb!

There is also a whole talent to the peeling of the crawfish. The first time (and really, pretty much every time, because I’m lazy) I had Doug peel all of my crawfish. I think the peeling and eating in one smooth motion is how impostors are rooted out!

Sharleen and Isaac at the sand table

That was all a huge preamble to the real story which was last week-end’s annual crawfish boil back in Lake Charles. This was also kind of a welcome home celebration for Doug’s parents. Scott and Aimee and warren and Sharleen were also there, along with Carmen. Carmen is Doug’s cousin, and her little boy, Austin, and Samuel are great friend when they see each other.

Samuel and Austin enjoying the great outdoors


It’s nice when there are a lot of people there, because then I don’t feel the pressure that usually accompanies a trip to see family. I spent some time trying to convince Sharleen that she and Warren should move to Texas. I also had a good laugh when she said that she thought that she was a little mean. Ah Sharleen, if you weren’t so sincere and lovable then your niceness would be annoying!!

Reece and Benjamin in the wagon


I didn’t eat too much crawfish this year. I chased the boys while they were chasing a mean chicken and a crazy goat. Samuel also tried out his first 4-wheeler (the electric child’s version), and they all spent some time trying to get uncle David’s tractor started.

William on the tractor

Doug spent a lot of time in the barn with his uncles and grand-dad, and I think he got his fill. He was a little worried at the beginning of the day that we were going to miss all the crawfish because we were late leaving, but there were still many a crawfish left when we got there.

Sharleen, Warren & Isaac & Doug, me & Benjamin

I have to say, it was also a perfect day weather wise. It was warm and breezy. The mosquitoes didn’t come out until dark, and it was overcast so we didn’t have to worry about sunburns. Everyone had a great time, and it made the ten hours of driving totally worth it!

This is all that was left



  1. Sharleen said,

    Yay for crawfish boils! This week was all rainy here in Portland . . . definitely made me long for TX . . . Warren still hasn’t heard either way yet . . . we’d love to live closer to you all! I like that you used the word “imposter”. That’s how I kind of felt as I ate the crawfish and crab that Warren peeled for me! I’ve learned that going to a crawfish boil does not a southerner make! (Did that sentence even make sense???). Anyway, you might change your tune on your opinion on my “niceness” if we move to TX . . . I can only put up a show so often . . . 🙂 (Seriously, thanks for the compliment!). Thanks for your frequent blogging . . . now I just need to find out how to make mine as entertaining as yours!

  2. Christina said,

    That sounds like such a fun day, except for the crawfish part! I don’t think I could ever eat one of those things!

  3. kelly said,

    what a fun get-together. looks like you guys had a blast.

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