A Dry … er … Wet Run

June 23, 2008 at 8:07 pm (Family)


I am ruler of all I see!

So, we have the paternal family reunion in a few weeks, at the beach. So, we decided to head to Corpus Christi to get an idea of what to expect. We thought this would be the best way to guage how the boys would do, and also how we would do. As a plus, the water in Corpus is super warm. I’m from the Atlantic side of things, and I am used to freezing water, even in the middle of the Summer, but the water in the Gulf of Mexico is balmy. There was no shock to the system whatsoever … at least for me!


That’s a mouthful of sand right there.

The boys however, did not fare so well. I have one five year old who talked to anyone and everyone. Which generally, is not a bad thing, but when the beach is full of complete strangers partaking in who knows what, I get a little nervous. I have a two year old who did nothing but scream because he really didn’t enjoy the sand between his toes, and I have a 10 month old who thought the entire beach was edible! Now though, we have been warned. When we make our next trip to the beach we will be armed. I don’t know quite what to arm ourselves with, but I’ll figure it out soon enough

I have to say, that I officially think the beach is for sixteen year olds. When you’re sixteen, you’re not afraid of running around in a bathing suit; you’re not worried about little kids getting into anything and everything that other people have left behind. Gone are the days of lazing at the beach with a paperback, while trying to impress seventeen year old boys.  I am now at an age where a very modest bathing suit is in order, and that’s not just because I’ll be hanging out with my in-laws for almost a week!

 Gotta love the sandy Goldfish crackers!


  1. Warren said,

    Speaking of super modest swimsuits, I just bought the cutest modest swimsuit of ever from shadeclothing.com. Now I just need to prep my skin so I don’t get charred in FL. Cute pics of your cute boys. What a fun trip and a warm beach? Nice.

  2. ingrid said,

    You will have a very different experience in Florida, I assure you! Way to go, practicing up for the big reunion! We love a good beach trip, so if you want to come a little early to the reunion, we’re up for a few extra days with the Doug/Sarah Roberts Clan! (We have found that bringing lots of sand toys and boogie boards keep the kids occupied and the sand really is the only thing our Baby Andrew finds intriguing. Andrew and Ben can have a feast in the sand!)

  3. courtney said,

    Hopefully, with all the relatives around, you’ll have a few extra eyes and arms to help you watch over the boys!

  4. Charlotte said,

    Let me know what you come up with–to be prepared for the beach. I am glad to see that Samuel is wearing floaties…I thought my kids might be the only ones that don’t know how to swim. I think we will try to make a couple of dry run’s ourselves, although where we come from their are no waves in the water.

  5. liz said,

    I’m thinking the two year-old will get used to it. I love taking kids to the beach — everyone is happy, and it’s always a relaxing day. Oh, except that Ben is way too gutsy and I’m always just a little afraid that he’ll drown. But, seriously, I bet with all the family around you’ll have a great time. Have you seen those little pop-up cabanas for babies? I have no idea what they cost, but they look like a little tent and one of my friends swears by hers. Her babies have played and napped in them at pools and beaches. I just thought of that because it (sort of) keeps a baby out of the sand, preventing them from ingesting the actual beach. Good luck 🙂

  6. Christina said,

    Good luck with the beach trip. I thought your pictures of the boys were funny, it looks like William’s hair is going to blow away – I can’t believe how long and thick it is and it looks like Samuel’s losing his trunks! Don’t stress, you’ll have a great time at the beach.

  7. Nisa Hunt said,

    We did the beach last year with a two year old and she ate most of the sand, there was little left to laze around in.
    We are planning a trip your direction, it would be fun to get together.

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