My New Obsession

July 14, 2008 at 10:33 pm (Things I love)


This is my Uncle Gary and his family. His daughter, Jacq, is on the right, and she is perhaps the most stylish girl ever. She’s right up there with my cousin Anne, but she’s the international version. I don’t know how pathetic I am that I want to steal everything she owns. She showed up at my grandpa’s viewing in the cutest sweater ever, and I was pretty much prepared to tackle her for it (but then I decided it would be in bad taste to throw down at the funeral home). It is the Pulse II sweater from LuluLemon. What is LuluLemon? It’s some kind of crazy yoga store. It started in BC, but apparently they’re branching out. They’re actually opening a store here in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, this sweater is sold out all across the country. My sister actualy called their warehouse, and I went to the test store here, but so far, no luck. We checked on ebay, but it’s going for twice the retail price. I have to ask myself if it’s realistic to spend that much on a sweater … in the middle of Summer …. in Texas … anyone ???

Anyway, here’s the sweater:

The picture doesn’t really do it justice. It is so cute. I will make it my mission, at least until the store opens in August, to find this sweater. If it’s not in stock I may just have to purchase the amazing running shorts! After all, I need some reward for getting myself out of bed at five o’clock tomorrow morning!



  1. Warren said,

    Very cute. AND it looks comfy too. Excellent!

  2. Amy Macdonald said,

    Lululemon is all the rage here in Canada. They have stores all over the place. It’s pretty pricey stuff though.. a little too high for my budget. My sister-in-law is a personal trainer, and wears alot of there stuff, and her and my brother gave me a gift certificate for the store for my birthday. Now, the reverse pant is lovely, but at $96, they will be my only pair ever! Thank goodness for the gift certificate!

  3. anne said,

    you are HILARIOUS. and i can totally relate to being obsessed witih something like that. jacq, like Jen, is a total fashion inspiration. i am feeling seriously lost (fashion wise) in this little small town of mine. YIKES. Wish i could have been in Halifax with you.

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