A Milestone

July 25, 2008 at 10:21 am (Kids)

The whole class working on their kicking

The whole class working on their kicking

Contrary to my boys’ constant assertions, they could not actually swim. With this summer’s beach reunion looming, we felt it necessary to at least get them comfortable enough with the water to know that they should be scared of certain situations.

Samuel blowing bubbles

Samuel blowing bubbles

There was a friend of a friend who was teaching lessons at her home, and she taught both boys every day for three and a half weeks. I was a little nervous when my boys started screaming like little girls on the first day, but they eventually improved. In fact, William fell in love with his teacher’s daughter! Now, there is no more screaming, and Samuel loves hanging out at the pool without arm floaties.

Samuel loving his goggles

Samuel loving his goggles

The true test came when we were at the pool and a bigger kid grabbed Samuel by accident and pulled him  under. Normally this would have caused a lot of water swallowing and vomiting. Not this time. Samuel blew bubbles and was just a little shaken. Worth the money right then and there!

William working the Spiderman goggles

William working the Spiderman goggles

I’m still not super excited about all the sand and salt water at the beach, but I am feeling a little more comfortable.

Ben just loves to float around the pool

Ben just loves to float around the pool


  1. dixie dunn said,

    okay – love the underwater pic! So glad we have so much naturally in common.

  2. ingric said,

    Destin will be fun. I’ve seenyour boys swim…they’re awesome! Just have lots of bottled water on hand for any sand in eyes at the beach…

  3. Warren said,

    I’m glad your boys love the water so much. Isaac can’t get enough of it either! The underwater pic is great.

  4. Mom said,

    I think Benjamin is definitely the best swimmer !Happy Birthday Ben.The pictures are great .Love you .Mom

  5. Christina said,

    So great that Samuel can swim! You guys are going to have a great time on your trip.

    Happy Birthday Baby Ben! I guess now that you’re one we have to get Delia to drop the ‘baby’ and just call you Ben.

  6. ingrid said,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENJAMIN! It was great chatting with you today…I can’t wait to see pics of the koala cake!

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