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July 27, 2008 at 7:22 pm (Crafty Stuff)

So, I have been feeling a little adventrous of late. I think it all started with the apron swap. Lots of times I’ll see something and tell myself that I could make it, but generally, it doesn’t go much farther than the internal dialogue. Once I finished the apron however, I figured I can actually do some stuff. So, I re-entered the world of baby blankets. I have made a couple in the past with varying degrees of success (I’m pretty sure the one I made for Joshua never saw the light of day!). I have never actually made blankets for my own kids, but then again, I’m also waiting until I get really good to scrapbook my wedding! This current blanket frenzy started with a blanket for a baby shower. I worked on a cute little blanket courtesy of Lisa M., and a burp cloth courtesy of Feathered Nest. I was feeling good but I forgot to take a picture, and that annoyed me to no end. On to the second blanket and burp cloth. this time I reminded myself all day to remember to photograph the end result. Once again, I forgot. So, this is the third blanket. This blanket is actually an idea I got from Doug’s sister Charlotte. I have to say that I liked it, mostly because blanket bindings are my albatross!

Anyway, normally I wouldn’t be quite so bold with my color and pattern, but this was for Courtney, and when your ringtone is an LSU fight song, then I figure you can’t go wrong with the LSU banket! (sidenote to Trisha: I bought lots of extra fabric last time I was in BR, so if you want some let me know!)

Blanket and burp cloth

Blanket and burp cloth

Next up were the cheesecakes. We had my sister’s sister-in-law and her family over for dinner last week. I was inspired by Southern Living Magazine to make these yummy key lime mini cheesecakes. The dessert was yummy, but the company was better, and our boys had a great time getting to know some new “cousins.”  


Last but not least were the superhero capes. The boys have been running around with pink silk scarves for months. I’d salvaged their masculinity as best I could by labeling the scarves capes, but Doug was unimpressed by both the color and the potential choking hazard. So, when we were at the fabric store last week, Samuel picked out some UFO fabric, and we made some new capes with snaps. So far, only three of the green “planets” have ripped off the bottom!
alien super hero cape

alien super hero cape

Every so often, I find myself looking to get rid of extra fabric, or going crazy with the scrapbooking. It doesn’t happen too often, so I take advantage of the inspiration when it comes my way. There are a few more babies on there way, and I have one more new thing I’m interested in trying. If that goes well, who knows what else I’ll do!!


  1. Trisha said,

    My very first thought was you have to got to be kidding me…she has caved. Charlie is so proud! Chad wants an LSU ROOM, save me!! So I will be taking you up on your fabric! It is really so cute, I have to admit I am wondering how you could spend so much time making such a cute blanket out of such terrible fabric. Ok Doug, dont hate me too much for saying that, I still make mean cinnamon rolls! Samuel looks so cool! Girl you ROCK!! Keep it up.

  2. Christina said,

    Your cheesecakes look tasty and I still have the blanket you made for Joshua – we have used it!

  3. Warren said,

    So why haven’t you made yourself a cape? One that says “Creativity Queen!” ??? The blanket is so cute! Can I order a BYU set? Oh and how about a cape and some cheesecake to go with it? Oh, yeah, and last but not least . . . could you and your family bring it in person – we miss you guys!!!

  4. Charlotte said,

    Sharleen, is the BYU set I made for you not good enough??? Just Kidding. Sarah, you did a great job! I’m glad I can be somewhat inspiring. BTW, the baby blanket you made for Abigail was very cute. I’m sure I’ve told you that before. Anyway, cool projects! I am hoping to get into project mode by the time school starts up again. See ya soon.

  5. Mom said,

    Though I sold my sewing machine in AZ before I left you have me dreaming of years gone by – matching dresses ,Strawberry Shortcake overalls ,Star Wars costumes,vampire capes .I’m glad you and Christina were so great learning through osmosis or maybe it is genetic .So creative ,such great cooks and bakers .Back in my younger days I even did needlepoint .Maybe it’s time to return to my youth .Thanks for the inspiration .Mom

  6. dixie dunn said,

    you domestic goddess you! Watch out or you’ll be RSP next.

  7. ingrid said,

    You’ve been a busy little bee! VERY, VERY IMPRESSIVE! Mike is drooling over that LSU blanket and I am drooling over the mini cheescake!…I would LOVE to learn how to make a blanket like that…come on over to FL sometime and we’ll sew away…How about mid August?!?!?

  8. courtney said,

    can’t wait to put my little Jack on his LSU blankie. Thanks again!

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