It’s like cumin on speed!

August 7, 2008 at 5:44 pm (Fun Stuff)

Dixie, Andrea and Me Hanging out high above the Central Market

Dixie, Andrea and Me Hanging out high above the Central Market

It was getting to be about time for another cooking class. This time Andrea, Dixie and I attended the Southwest Entertaining class with the Dining Diva. This was my second trip to the Central Market Cooking School, and although there was no blue cheese cake, it was an interesting experience nonetheless.

On the menu for this class was:

Tortilla Soup with delicious crispy tortilla strips

Deep Fried Panko Avocados with a green salad and Chipotle Buttermilk Dressing

Chicken and Rice

Strawberry Trifle

Some of these things were more successful than others, I think I would definitely make a less spicy version of the soup, and the tortilla strips were amazing. I also really enjoyed the deep fried avacado, but I doubt I will be making that since there are not enough safety glasses and fire extinguishers on the planet to make Doug agree to let me deep fry in our house!

As for the dessert, normally I’m not adverse to a little liqueur in food when someone else makes it. After all, I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings who worked really hard to make something that was both tasty and relaxing, but I hate the smell of coffee, and so using Kahlua didn’t do anything for me personally. I think if I was going to make that particular recipe I would use maple or almond flavoring (thanks for the suggestion, andrea). The diva wasn’t too much help with looking for alcohol substitutions. I get the feeling that this woman enjoys the properties of certain alcoholic beverages … strictly for their culinary value, of course!

The best part of the evening came when the diva was giving helpful hints. One was to turn the exhaust on fifteen minutes before you start cooking fish so that your house won’t smell. I’m not sure if I really buy her logic there. Her other hint was about cumin.

Apparently you should never buy groung cumin, only cumin seeds. Then, when a recipe calls for cumin you toast it on the stove (being very careful because apparently sizzling cumin seeds fly everywhere!), then you put the toasted seeds in the spice grinder. And voila! You have cumin on speed. You will never go back to regular cumin again!

I’ll let you know if I ever try this, but for know I have a whole jar of cumin powder in the pantry that I have to use up. Waste not, want not!


  1. ingrid said,

    I’m sure we can find some dish to make at the reunion with all that cumin powder! 🙂 I have yet to taste the results of your culinary skills that your brother spoke so highly of and raved about at your wedding reception and….I had no idea that you went to cooking classes! Dining Diva, step aside, there’s a new Diva in San Antonio!

  2. Christina said,

    Hopefully we get to live close to each other again one day! It would be fun to take cooking classes together. I had fun taking those cake decorating classes with you.

    Well, if we never live close maybe we should plan some big European cooking adventure one day when our kids are grown.

  3. Nisa said,

    Well now you are making me wish that I was closer too.

  4. dixie dunn said,

    Seriously – I just can’t belive you liked the deep fried %@! well you know what I thought of it.

    So what class is next?

  5. Aimee said,

    Ya know.. if you want to try making any of those foods, I have a spot open for Saturday evening at the Reunion… I am sure no one will protest!!!! Sounds yummy!

  6. courtney said,

    i’m all about using some cumin, but like you, i have a whole jar of it (since i like using it) and i’m not about to not use it. You know, even before my days in the church, I wasn’t a fan of coffee flavoring in desserts.

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