31 Things for Ingrid

September 7, 2008 at 9:38 pm (Family, Things I love)

Always Smiling!

Always Smiling!

Today is Ingrid’s birthday, and if you could visit her blog, you would see that she devoted today’s post to her husband, so I thought I should devote my day’s post to her. So, here it is, 31 things that are great about Ingrid:

1. She’s an amazing sister-in-law!

2. I’ve never seen her not smile.

3. She will stay up all night to play Trivial Pursuit.

4. She thinks she’s married to the smartest man in the world.

5. She has a crazy game closet.

6. She is a wealth of information when it comes to nut-free recipes.

7. She can play a mean violin.

8. She can play a mean piano (This much talent isn’t right).

9. She has perfect pitch!!

10. She worked at Disney.

11. She wanted her family to room with us at the family reunion.

12. She’s learning Italian with her kids.

13. She was born a Gator, but she completely roots for the Tigers.

14. She has an amazing knack for matchmaking.

15. She takes her kids to McDonald’s.

16. She goes on regular dates with her husband, even though she has 4 young children.

17. She can trash talk.

18. She never get offended by Doug!

19. She has the most organized play room ever.

20. She calls me to talk about what’s going on with Brad and Angelina.

21. She reads US Weekly.

22. She facilitates romantic walks on the beach!

23. She has kids right before me just so that my kids will have cousins the same age!

24. She is an amazingly detailed blogger.

25. She gave Doug her ticket to the SEC championship game last year.

26. She called to serenade me on my birthday.

27. She understands the life of the Tiger widow!

28. She took William to Wal-Mart so that I could sleep in.

29. She’s very impressive with the Karaoke!

30. She truly loves being a wife and mother.

31. Even though she’s clearly the favorite, she makes it impossible to resent her!



  1. Warren said,

    I’d have to agree with all of that! Ingrid is awesome!

  2. ingrid said,

    Wow! This was not expected and quite embarrassing, but VERY thoughtful! Thank you, Sarah.

  3. ingrid said,

    By the way, I feel like a celebrity now! 🙂

  4. Charlotte said,

    Here, here, Amen, ditto, I agree! Ingrid is amazing! Sarah, so are you for being so thoughtful!
    I’m glad I at least remembered to call her!

  5. Trisha said,

    Ok The truth! She had me at #18. I only wish I knew her!

  6. ingrid said,

    Trisha – we must meet someday! Perhaps at an LSU game! I believe my husband is as good friends with your brother-in-law Ben as Charlie is with Doug…

  7. Trisha said,

    Ingrid- I am sure there will be a time when we meet in person. I have heard many good things about you, from not only Sarah but also Merrilee. An LSU game is where you will meet Charlie; if I am nice he will allow me to come with. He says I am not worthy to go in person becasue not only do I not know the fight song I have no interest in learing it. I feel so much lighter after that confession!

  8. ingrid said,

    I too have heard great things about you! I am sure we will meet someday!!! I’ll get your email from Sarah and send you a link to my blog…

  9. ingrid said,

    Sarah, thanks for providing the venue for me to make new friends! 🙂

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