I have no words!

September 8, 2008 at 4:01 pm (Dougisms)

*****Alrighty, maybe Doug didn’t enjoy that as much as me! Hopefully you got to see it while you had the chance!**********

Some of you know my husband to be a serious fellow. I seriously debated posting  this clip, because once it’s public, I can’t blackmail him later. Oh well, I say share the love! I would also add that this performance had the dubious honor of causing Doug’s parents to leave the talent show/karaoke. Enjoy!!


  1. Christina said,

    Does Doug know that you posted this?!

  2. dixie dunn said,

    Oh, I feel the love my friend! We are so doing karaoke with the hubbies sometime!!!

  3. Trisha said,

    Oh My! Charlie would KILL me…I can not wait to show him. I promise to tape and post the next time Charlie does karaoke!! What can I say? Doug has mad hot skills!

  4. ingrid said,

    I’m so glad you got this documented!

  5. dixie dunn said,

    I feel so honored to have seen it.

  6. Greg said,

    DANG! I missed it.

  7. Warren said,

    Sarah, I could post it on MY blog though . . . I have the whole thing on tape! Very entertaining! Glad I was there to witness it live!

  8. Charlotte said,

    I guess I missed it on the blog, but believe me it is well recorded on my memory…however, I am not sure how long I want to remember it.

  9. andrea said,

    glad I got too see it. I think he should have let you leave it up. I thought it was fun , not something to be embarassed about

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