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September 18, 2008 at 2:45 pm (Food, recipes, Uncategorized)


Notice the festive table runner!

Notice the festive table runner!


When I was attending BYU, I took a class called marriage prep (mock all you want, it worked for me!!). In this class, I learned that cinnamon is an aphrodisiac. Dr. Barlow told us the surest way to a person’s heart was with some tasty cinnamon rolls. Well, not to disagree with Dr. Barlow, but the winning recipe during my courtship with Doug was brownies.

This is my mother’s recipe, and it has always been a winner at my house. It’s what I’ll make if we’re taking dinner to someone, and I’ll make it if I’m in the mood for some chocolate. I know very few people who would refuse a brownie (well, someone did refuse one of these, should I be insulted DJo?!). If you want to put a smile on someone’s face, bake them some brownies. You can even dress these up by serving them warm with fudge sauce and ice cream. Overkill, you say. Bite your tongue!

So, there you have it. Your home will be a happier place this evening if you make these, unless of course you don’t like chocolate, but if you don’t like chocolate,then we’re probably not friends, and you’re probably not reading this blog!


The recipe

3/4 c. butter

1/2 c. sugar

3 eggs

1 tsp. vanilla

1/2 tsp. baking powder

1/2 c. cocoa

3/4 c. flour

1 c. chocolate chips


1. Melt butter

2. Mix butter, sugar & vanilla

3. Add eggs

4. Mix in cocoa

5. Combine baking powder and flour and add to wet mixture

6. Add chocolate chips

7. Bake at 350 for 40-45 minutes

In order for these to turn out all dense and chewy, it is very important that you use a wooden spoon. If you use an electric mixer they will end up being a more cake-like brownie.


  1. sugardaddydating said,

    I’m going to use that recipe. Thanks!

  2. Christina said,

    I think you want to use an 8 inch pan, right? Love these brownies – I tried a recipe last week from allrecipes for the “best brownies”, and they were good, but not as good as these ones!

  3. Trisha said,

    Oh Yummy!! Not to be rude, but I do not recall you making these for me, ever! Oh wait, did you make these and serve them with raspberries on top? Either way I can not wait to try them. Thanks for the mention by the way.

  4. Charlotte said,

    I’m feeling inclined to try these. BTW, i took that class too.

  5. liz said,

    I think this is the same as Kathryn’s recipe, but I’ll have to get it out to check. Delicious. And what about that festive runner — did you make that? Very cute. I’d like something so festive in my house right now.

  6. dixie dunn said,

    it’s called p-o-l-i-t-e!!! I wasn’t going to have you cut into your brownies that you made someone ELSE! (Evacuees, no less) I think I showed great self control settling for a half chocolate pop tart and knowing Godiva goodness was at home.

    Are these the same brownies you brought the week that you said “anyone that says their good news moment is that the week is over, needs brownies?”

    I hereby pledge to never turn down brownies again.

  7. Nisa Hunt said,

    Hey wait a sec. I can’t stand chocolate and I happen to love your blog!

  8. sillyjillybean said,

    My mouth is watering. Love a good brownie. I have learned it’s the way to get Roger to my house for dinner:) I have loved catching up reading your blogs. Enjoying every minute. How is the 5:00am exercise going? j/k. We have no sign of flood, hurricane, nuclear bomb, etc here in Medford, just acres of hay and some yummy garden tomatoes. When you are walking to Zion swing by Medford for some goodies.

  9. anne said,

    I love this recipe and have used it many a time. I typed it up when you gave it to me with the title “Sarah’s Delish Brownies” so I never forget who is to thank.:)

    What I really want to know is where you got your cake plate. I’ve been dying to find one with a scalloped edge like that. Totally dar.


  10. lovelydainty said,

    Liz, the table runner was a birthday gift from a friend in Utah. I love, love, love it!!

    Anne, the cake stand was gift from my amazing sister. It came from Sur La Table in just about the fanciest wrapping ever!

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