A Visit from Grandpa

December 6, 2008 at 10:19 pm (Family)

He even carved pumpkins

He even carved pumpkins

So, next in the lost month was a visit from my dad and step-mom. My dad is one of Samuel’s favorite people ever. It was the first phone number he memorized, and every time something exciting happens, the first person that Samuel wants to tell, is grandpa.


This was probably the most jam-packed visit ever! I had visions of multiple date-nights with Doug, but we didn’t go on one date because we were so busy! There was a visit to the pumpkin patch, another trip to Mr. Cheese’s, Toys R Us, Samuel’s birthday party, shopping, a movie, dinner at Saltgrass, and Halloween! I thought we had done everything by Tuesday, but the end of the week was just as busy as the beginning.

A quick trip to the cannery

A quick trip to the cannery

My dad and step-mom were very busy the whole time. Ellen sewed capes and my dad planned games for the party (note to self: always plan more than you think you’ll need. Kids rush through everything!). My dad even took the kids to HEB on the day they opened! I refused to go for the first week because it was too crazy! There was also a lot of comparison shopping for our very generous Christmas gift.


My dad and Doug took the boys trick or treating on Halloween. It was a perfect night, and the boys did very well for themselves. I kept Ben home this year, but he might be ready to go out next year.

Woody and Buzz

Woody and Buzz

Speaking of Benjamin, he took his first steps for his grandma. I was wondering when he was going to grace us with his walking talents, but he was just waiting for someone who would really appreciate him!

We were very sad when dad and Ellen left. Samuel keeps asking when we’re going to get on a plane to go to Canada. I was especially sad because I was very spoiled for a complete seven days. Why don’t people come and visit us more?!


  1. ingrid said,

    That pumpkin patch photo with the grandparents is a keeper. What a special time for your children with their grandparents.

  2. Trisha said,

    Good Grief Sarah!! It’s a week till Christmas and you still have a jack-0-lantern on your opening page!!! Get with the program, I don’t care if you do have “special” circumstances!!! I know I am being mean..but what is a girl to do? I need some new Robert’s scoop!!! By the way I found a picture of Charlie and Doug and I swear they look gay. I am gling to use it to my advantage..I will think of something I must have or else! Charlie would kill me if I blogged about them!

  3. ingrid said,

    I agree! Enough with the pumpkins!!!!

  4. ingrid said,

    So I checked your blog because you mentioned you would be posting today…

  5. Warren said,

    OK, if you don’t post soon I’m going to start a poll for the gender of your in-utero baby! 🙂 j/k

  6. Warren said,

    Seriously, though, I miss your posts. Hope you are all doing well! Sorry about the nosey comment above! I just miss reading about your entertaining life!

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