What Exactly Does This Mean?

January 21, 2009 at 10:51 pm (Family, It's a Girl)


I love my boys. I love having boys. When people ask me if I’ll keep trying until I get a girl, I don’t even really think about it. I want healthy babies, and because I’ve been listening to my 5 year old for too long, I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t get a girl until baby number 5. My husband has also told me that I’ll keep on having boys until I become a better daughter-in-law. All these boys will eventually have wives, and that is how I’ll know what I put my mother-in-law through!

So, imagine my surprise when we saw this:


Okay, so you can probably only tell that it’s a baby from the picture, but my excellent foreshadowing should have clued you in!

So, what does it mean when the doctor says that you’re about to have a girl? I don’t know what to do with girls. I don’t even brush hair! My kids don’t get baths every day, and I woudn’ know what to do with a bow to save my life! I like boys; they’re easy. I’m a girl, so I know girls aren’t easy!

I’m still not even sure I one hundred percent believe the doctor. Since when does, “I don’t see anything,” equal proof that there’s nothing there? Plus, I’m fully prepared for boys. I don’t have to buy anything but diapers. Oh my, this could be long few months … at Baby Gap!




  1. ingrid said,

    Congrats! Showers will now be requested on a daily basis! Hooray for girls and pink, pink, pink!

  2. Warren said,

    Yay! I’m so excited to see what a baby girl in you family will look like. I’ll help you out with the wardrobe. I love shopping for baby girl clothes b/c I don’t get to very often. I totally understand your sentiments about boys are easy and girls aren’t. You put a sweater vest on a boy and suddenly he’s styling, but a girl needs accessories and everything must match and the hair must be done . . . hee hee hee. Not that any of that actually has to be done and of course if you feel it must you’ll have a blast doing it! You are so crafty and have such stylin taste yourself, I’m sure you’ll make a perfect role model for your daughter. Your comment about being a better daughter in-law. I totally understand, what is it about the mother in law, daughter in law relationship? I feel like I am always falling short. I think that it might just be in my head. Although, Anita is far too kind to ever tell me about any short comings. 🙂 Well, I’m just super thrilled about the baby girl on the way and I’ve been telling Warren for months that you were pregnant – glad to have it confirmed! Congrats!!!

  3. Warren said,

    Oh, and by having a girl on the way, that means that you are a perfect daughter in-law (for the proof, check your comment in the first paragraph of your post!).

  4. Megan Abbott said,

    I’m way excited for you Sarah? What’s your address so I can go shopping at Baby Gap for you and send you something? Love, Megan

  5. DJo said,

    It means you are ready to stretch and grow yourself! Havea daughter push your buttons. 🙂 But being the girl after three boys there is a good chance she will be a tom-boy and be tough!
    I am so excited for you and can’t wait to be the out of control Sister Dunn for your pinkie shower!!!!
    Maybe it is the year of girls??? Is there hope for me?

  6. Honey said,

    Congratulations, Sarah! I didn’t even know you were expecting – how exciting! And, a baby girl?! YAY for you!

  7. Christina said,

    So excited for you! When are we going to get together and go shopping!

  8. Nisa Hunt said,

    Yeah Congratulations!

    And I agree about the girls. You could have a girly girl like mine and she will forcibly teach you all there is to know about bows and the like. And you will survive.

    But when people saying that changing girl diapers is easier – THEY ARE LYING!!! GOOD LUCK!

  9. Aimee said,

    YAY!!!! I kept wondering when the heck you were going to say something!! Plus- I was even tempted to call you the other night, because I knew that you knew. YAY for girls!!!!! Just get started sewing now! There are a ton of cute girl stuff out there and you are so talented!!!! Oh, I’m sooo excited for ya! Oh- and your little girly girl has an LSU bow on it when you come to visit at Mardi Gras!!!

  10. anne said,

    What does this mean?

    Well for me it means–there is hope!

    ha ha I am so selfish to make this about me…

    Really in all sincerity–congratulations! I have known for a while–mom told me, but didn’t say anything because i didn’t know if you wanted everyone to know.. Anyway. So happy for your beautiful and growing family!

  11. Trisha said,

    Yeah! Yeah! YEah!!!!!!Oh I am so excited to make girl stuff! Oh my!!! Sorry Samuel was a little off..but hip hip hooray!!!! Girls are so fun…its like playing dress up. And when they want to read books they are books you love, like Anne of Green Gables and Little House. And when they want to play games they play games you know like tea parties and house. And they cost a bundle!!!!

  12. Rebecca said,

    Congratulations! So happy for you. She’ll be well loved and cared for with all those older brothers! That’s very exciting news.
    Rebecca Pincock

  13. ingrid said,

    Now that you’re blogging again…you’ve been tagged!

  14. Kathy Nelson said,

    I was so excited to hear that you were having a girl!!! I’m sure you will have no problem figuring out what to do with one…..it will be a nice change after having 3 boys. Good luck on the bows, Jeff will NOT put bows in our girls hair, his theory is if you wouldn’t wear it in your own hair don’t put it in your kids. It’s pretty funny, but I’m okay with that. Hope after you have her their will be a trip to Nova Scotia so we can meet her, I wish it was me coming to Texas for a visit, but I just don’t see that happening in the near future!!!! Hope to chat with you again soon……have fun shopping!!!!

  15. liz said,

    I had that same moment in the sonogram, “can you check that again?” After adjusting to all of the pink and purple laundry, I really like having a girl and at age three, she cracks us up almost constantly. I think you and your boys are going to love this. I’m very curious what you are planning to name your girl….

  16. Jill Hall said,


    I am so excited for you deary. I had a nice visit with your Mom and Mike. They are such terrific people. I love how they travel and envy the vacations they have been one. But most importantly, CONGRATS WITH THE GIRL!!! I am still not good with girls, don’t get them, don’t get the drama, don’t get the hair thing…FYI I bought a curling iron for them 2 weeks ago and already Ethan has burned himself with it. I get how it is with boys. BUT, I do know you have a sweet tooth for girly stuff and I am expecting lots of pictures of adorable bedding, cribbing, toys, and paint for your daughters room!!!

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