Are These Guys Famous?

February 10, 2009 at 6:12 pm (Uncategorized)

I will post details about my super fun sisters’ week-end in a bit, but until then, does anyone recognize these two guys?


I was in Las Vegas waiting for my flight to Seattle when I sat behind the two most obnoxious people I have ever come across (and let me tell you, I’ve come across some very obnoxious people in my day!)  I wouldn’t normally think they were famous because we were in the Southwest terminal, but then I saw Scott Hamilton (who was in no way obnoxious) get off a Southwest flight. This was Vegas, so anything is possible, and I’m actually hoping these two were just really drunk, but you never know.

Every single person who at near them got up and moved because they were so offensive. I cannot describe how offensive, but it was bad. I was just praying that they weren’t headed to Seattle. Thankfully, they were not, but I feel horribly for the passengers on their flight!

Don’t worry, the rest of my trip went much better than the Las Vegas portion!

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