Sisters in Seattle

February 18, 2009 at 12:19 am (Family, Fun Stuff, Uncategorized)

So, to continue my lucky streak, I thought I’d write about how lucky I was two week-ends ago when my husband watched all the boys while I flew half way across the country to see my sister. This was the first time that I’d been on a plane by myself since before William was born. With the exception of the previously mentioned creeps in Las Vegas, the whole week-end was wonderful.

Miss Delia with the silhouettes my sister made
Miss Delia with the silhouettes my sister made

 I went to pick up my sister at her home so that I could also see Delia and Joshua. Christina was also going to get a break, because her husband was watching her two older kids. Can I just say here how much I love the GPS. I put it in the bag and it made my driving in a brand new city completely stress-free!  Also, how much do you love the silhouettes my sister made of her family?!

Joshua not being too impressed with my arrival
Joshua not being too impressed with my arrival

 My nephew usually keeps it real by never being too impressed by my arrival. Perhaps if I had brought his cousin he would have been a little more enthused!

My sister-in-law, Susan, and Jett

My sister-in-law, Susan, and Jett

 Doug’s sister lives about fifteen minutes from my sister so we stopped in to say a quick hello. I also got to meet baby Jett for the first time. She is actually preparing for her own sisters’ week-end in Seattle next month. You’ve got to love the Southwest sales!

Christina, Eliza and Me at our hotel

Christina, Eliza and Me at our hotelHaving brunch with Margaret at Etta's


 We stayed at a really nice hotel on the waterfront (thank-you Priceline). The best part of this place, besides the amazing view, was probably the free shuttle that dropped you off and picked you up anywhere downtown.

Eating brunch at Etta's

Eating brunch at Etta'sWe met up with Margaret, who we used to work with during the BYU veg prep days. We ate at Etta's (thanks for the idea Kemille!). It was a very yummy meal and it was wonderful of my father to sponsor a fun meal for Christina and I! Thanks Dad!The Famous Market

 We went to the market. It definitely puts any market that I’ve been to in Texas to shame. There was everything imaginable. There were lots of families, and couples. It seemed like it would’ve been a fun place to go on a date. I don’t know how comfortable I would have been with all three boys there; it seemed like there were a lot of places to hide!

The best breakfasst potatoes ever!

The best breakfasst potatoes ever!

We spent most of Saturday shopping. We visited the flagship Nordstrom and of course we had some hot chocolate at Starbucks! Saturday night we went out for Chinese food and a Romantic Comedy.

On Sunday morning I drove Christina home before I had to catch my plane. Before I dropped her off, we went for breakfast at Maltby’s which I think is in the town of Maltby, which is close to MillCreek. If ever you are in the Seattle area, it is worth the 40 min trip north to visit this place. I think they’re only open for breakfast on the week-ends, but they have, without a doubt the best breakfast potatoes … EVER! Also, the hot chocolate was just a lot of fun!

This week-end was an excellent getaway for me. I think Doug and I should try it where we do a relaxing week-end away together, instead of going away separately. This is why we need family close by so that we can have someone to swap week-ends with! Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids to death, but Doug and I have not had a night away from all our kids . That is over five years. I’m making plans, because I came back super relaxed, but Doug was a little stressed because he had his first week-end all alone with the boys. One day we’ll coordinate our schedules!


  1. Christina said,

    Congratulations on all of your winnings!

    I’m so glad you could spend the weekend up here – I had such a good time!

  2. Megan Hulihan Abbott said,

    oh, happy day!!

  3. Warren said,

    Hey, why didn’t you tell me you were going to Seattle? I would’ve come up to have lunch or something?! Is Susan planning a Roberts’ sisters’ reunion that I can crash!? Bwahaha! J/K Anyway, your trip makes me all the more ansy for my little sister’s visit coming up in just a couple of weeks! Yay for fun sisters!

  4. Nisa Hunt said,

    Okay. I’m offering. You have what fourteen weeks and counting to take a trip, since I’m not up for a newbie in the house yet. But I’ll take the kiddos (as long as you drop them off and smile really really happy like when you leave.) At least for a night/day. You could see the wild sights up this way, before that sweet girl makes her appearance and you’re grounded.

    And if you’re stressed about me making it solo. I managed two weeks ago, seven under the age of six, and I got them to church, primped and preaned, clean and good-natured. However, I forgot to put the toddler in a diaper because when she appeared for her turn in the assembly line she was carrying panties. So my big celebration to the parents only lasted ten minutes into sacrament when she was moved to wet. . . . hmmmm. . . okay maybe I’m not that great. DARN! But still offerin’

  5. ingrid said,

    I’ve already offered…bring your boys over before that beautiful little baby girl arrives and spend a night or two in Destin or wherever! 🙂 I love that photo of you and Susan and baby Jett. And your sister is SO talented!!! You both are so beautiful. Those silhouettes are very nie-esque and classy. I’m happy to see that you had such a fun sister’s weekend.

  6. Margaret said,

    I’m so glad I got to see you while you were here. I really had so much fun. And congrats on all your winnings. I can’t believe someone I know won a DesignMom giveaway. That is pretty cool.

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