Neverending Surprises

March 1, 2009 at 3:53 pm (Doug Stuff, Dougisms)

Sometimes I think there’s nothing my husband can do to surprise me, that I’ve heard every story possible (in the case of the Navajo Taco story, too many times!). I know all about his childhood. We’ve driven by his old house, his old school, where he stood up to the kids who wanted to beat him up, and the path he used to follow to get from his house to his grandmother’s house. I’d like to think I know a fair bit about the father of my children.

I know, for example, that he will leave the room if I turn on certain television shows. Also, bringing up certain political figures is guaranteed to elicit predictable responses. Not that this ever happens, but if I hypothetically wanted to toy with my husband, I might say something like, “That Al Gore sure is a genius when it comes to the environment. Can you believe he also invented the internet?” (I do this very sincerely, or else it doesn’t have the desired effect!)

So, imagine my surprise when, while fast forwarding through an old episode of the Gilmore Girls last night I experience the following dialogue:

Rory and Jess - rory-and-jess photo 

image from


Luke: Jess is gone.

Lorelai: Do you know where?

Luke: Yeah, I think I know where

Doug: Didn’t Jess go to California to see his Dad?

Alright, I paraphrased the dialogue a little bit, but not Doug’s contribution from the sofa (while he was in the middle of programming his video game, by the way! Such the multi tasker!)

And you think you know someone!


  1. DJo said,

    (I’m speechless)

  2. ingrid said,

    Sarah! You crack me up! Is Doug aware of this post?

  3. Warren said,

    Wait until he unveils his name for your baby as . . . Laureli (to go by Rory though, of course!) . . . next thing you know you’ll discover a secret stash of us weekly in his side of the closet! Hee hee hee.

  4. Anna said,


  5. anne said,

    And suddenly I find myself with a new admiration for Doug. Consider us bonded.

  6. andrea said,

    That I would never see coming!!!

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