Strawberry Fields Forever

March 23, 2009 at 11:17 am (Family, Road Trips)

In front of the goats

In front of the goats

Last Friday we had plans to go strawberry picking with some friends in Marble Falls. Right before we left, Andrea called to say there weren’t really any berries at the field, and did we still want to go. I think she was secretly hoping that we would say no, but my boys already had their shoes on, and I was not dealing with the aftermath of taking away their Friday adventure!

Ben with his very own strawberry

Ben with his very own strawberry

I think everything actually worked out really well. Picking your own berries usually ends up being a pretty pricey adventure for us, but when you only pick 50 it’s not really all that expensive! There was also a little animal farm and strawberry lemonade and ice cream (which I did not get to eat, thank you very much gestational diabetes!).

William and Samuel working the fields!

William and Samuel working the fields!

After the berry picking we went to Johnson Park in Marble Falls for a picnic. It was a perfect day, the boys were well behaved, and I had a wonderful visit with Andrea.  This might even have gotten us a little bit prepared for picking peaches again after the baby arrives!



  1. anne said,

    That looks like so much fun.

    And gestational diabetes is such a jerk.

  2. ingrid said,

    Can we go there when we visit? Our girls would be in heaven going strawberry picking!!! You live in such a great area.

  3. Nisa Hunt said,

    OHMYGOSH! IT just occurred to me that I was planning on coming to visit you at your house over spring break! Did I make that up in my head? Was I going to tell you? Did I tell you already. Wow! Can’t even remember! So IF I did tell you and IF you were expecting me – my stomach drops into my knees – I’m so sorry. I went to see a Friend and then just accidentally never came home. I had no phone, no internet, no contact with anyone else for a week. It was strangely peaceful. Anyway! AHHHH. I’ll have to try again this summer!

  4. Trisha said,

    Way to be girl! Good job on turning away from the ice cream. Sarah, your boys are way to handsome!!! Good looks, smarts…oh my you are in trouble. Let’s hope they too talk about robots; that should keep the girls away for a while!

  5. andrea said,

    we had a great time and are definitely glad you did not say you didn’t want to go. I was surprised to find the next day that all of our strawberries were completely red.

  6. L. Tobler said,

    Looks like you all had a great time. I looked up the Oregon berry company. It’s called Bithell Farms. You can google it and check it out. Let me know if you need any help.

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