Before and After: The Back Surgery

July 22, 2009 at 11:41 am (before and after, Miracles)

doug 004

I don’t know how many of you have had to deal with neurosurgeons, but I don’t think they’re the most optimistic people. We have dealt with two, one for Ben’s head, and one for Doug’s back. Both times the doctors were very guarded. In Ben’s case everything turned out very well, but we didn’t know with Doug.

It’s hard to know what to say when the expert in his field tells you if you had waited a couple of days your husband could have been paralyzed. The worst part was the not knowing… how long it would take, how much better it would get…

For his part, Doug was not going to let this thing stop him. He never complained at the rehab center because he was, by far, the healthiest one there. When he came home from rehab I struggled with letting him do things like walking to the pantry because he wasn’t so good on his feet, and I thought the worst thing for his morale would be to fall.

Well, no worries here. He has successfully gone from wheelchair, to walker (oh how I wish I had photos of him with the walker), to cane (very sexy, a la Dr. House!), to brace, to this:

Back injury,what back injury?

Back injury,what back injury?


That’s right, there’s my husband swinging off the side of a sail boat in the Halifax Harbour, with a smile on his face! Miracles still happen.


  1. Christina said,

    I seriously thought they were kidding when they asked us who wanted a turn. Thanks to Doug for being brave enough to get us all started!

  2. Greg said,

    Awesome! Glad he is doing well

  3. DJo said,

    it’s been great to watch as a third party too!!!!

  4. Honey said,

    Amen, sister! What a blessing. So glad you’re all doing so well, and had a great time in NS.

  5. ingrid said,

    It made me so happy to see Doug doing so well when he came to WA. Great post. We missed you and your little ones, but Nova Scotia looks like a blast! Share some more from your visit there, please!

  6. courtney said,

    dang! i’m really impressed…and inspired.

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