Before and After: the Car Seat

August 8, 2009 at 5:45 pm (before and after, Dougisms, Makes me Smile)

A seat fit for three boys!

A seat fit for three boys!


To Whom it May Concern,

                                                      Apparently you didn’t appreciate my husband’s sense of reduce, re-use, recycle. Or maybe you just knew that I had asked my husband for a new car seat because I thought 3 kids per car seat was enough. You knew my husband’s response was something along the lines of, “Plastic doesn’t go bad.” Or maybe you thought that the blue circus theme wasn’t appropriate for our new little girl.

                                                       Whatever your reasons, I was very pleasantly surprised to arrive home from a date with my husband to see this on the front step:


                                                        We asked the babysitter if she saw who dropped it off, but she said whoever it was ran really, really fast. Doug wondered what was inside (appearances can be deceiving!). Then he wondered who would do such a thing. Who thought our car seat wasn’t good enough?! His first thought was my dad, but I told him that my dad hadn’t commented on the car seat, so I was pretty sure it wasn’t him. I asked around on Facebook, and someone suggested that it might have been Greg, but that didn’t ring true either! I thought it was a particular friend. Doug decided to do some detective work the next day at church. Who would look at us funny for not bringing the new car seat with us (it was very late, and church starts very early)?!

                                       When we got to church Doug agreed with my original hypothesis. All I can say is, thank you so much for being so thoughtful. We love the new seat, and even though I know plastic doesn’t go bad, I think the baby is all the safer for being in the new seat.



Afton's new ride!

Afton's new ride!


  1. Trisha said,

    YAY!!! That is so much cuter!!! You live with angels!!! Doug if your girl has to sit in a blue car seat she may turn out to be a little softball player!

  2. Sharleen said,

    This is one of the best posts of all time! Soooo amusing. I had to read it out loud to Warren. Are you sure Doug didn’t buy it? hee hee hee

  3. Nisa Hunt said,

    What a wonderful surprise! The plastic may not get old, but they update the design of those darn things constantly to keep us buying new ones. So it never hurts to have a better design, newer buckles, better fitting five point harness! YEAH!!

  4. ingrid said,

    What a darling carseat! Mike and Doug are definitely brothers. Mike also doesn’t believe that plastic goes bad and doesn’t believe the expiration dates on those car seats either!!!

  5. DJo said,

    How perfectly perfect for sweet Afton! It’s almost like someone had her in mind as they went to store after store looking for something so perfectly perfect.

  6. Charlotte said,

    Very cute seat! Fitting for a cute little girly girl! BTW, our original infant seat lasted through 3 1/2 kids! I borrowed someone else’s for the last half, it sure would have been nice to get a new one!

  7. Christina said,

    What an awesome surprise! Love the colors – yay for you and Afton!

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