First Day Jitters

August 24, 2009 at 8:28 am (Family)

Such a serious student!

Such a serious student!

Of course, I’m talking about me. Samuel wasn’t worried at all. He got right on the bus, no problem there. I do think however, that  there’s something wrong with making a five year old catch the bus before the sun comes up!

I put on a dress and everything!

I put on a dress and everything!

I was up late last night making sure that everything was ready so that my first born could have a hot breakfast on his first day of kindergarten (this annoyed Doug a little since I don’t usually worry about him having a hot breakfast!). I also wanted to make sure that I looked presentable for the other parents at the bus stop and the bus driver. I know this isn’t my day, but I don’t want people judging Samuel based on his mother showing up at the bus stop in her pajamas! I am drawing the line at attending the parents breakfast this morning. Hopefully they don’t parade the kids around the cafeteria saying things like, “Don’t worry Samuel, I’m sure your mommy loves you …. even if she couldn’t be bothered to show up for her free donut.”

Waiting for the bus with daddy.

Waiting for the bus with daddy.

The bus drove up, the doors opened, and my first born climbed the steps. There wasn’t even a hint of missing his dear mother! I know he’s ready for school, now I just have to resign myself to allow someone else’s influence on my son for 7 hours a day. Does that seem too long to you, because it sure seems too long to me. What to do now? Oh right, there are still three more at home!

He didn't even look back!

He didn't even look back!


  1. Christina said,

    way to go samuel – hope that you have a great first day at school!

  2. Paige said,

    Hyrum was the exact same way getting on the bus this morning, no looking back! He decided at the last second that the cool kids would ride the bus and that your Samuel would miss him. He climbed on the bus and by-passed all of the kindergartners in the front seats and sat 3 rows from the back though! We missed the breakfast too though after I called the school and found out that the kids would be in class it was just a breakfast that the principal put on for the parents.

  3. Nisa Hunt said,

    yes it does seem too long!

  4. ingrid said,

    Yay for Samuel! Love your dress!

  5. Honey said,

    Way to take the plunge with the bus! I had 3 left at home as well when Rylee started Kindergarten. So I’d say anything that helps mom out! Hope Samuel had a great first day.

  6. Charlotte said,

    Samuel is so big! Yes, 7 hours is a long time, I think we are the last place to just have 1/2 day kindergarten, so today is Eli’s first full day in 1st grade!
    I’m sorry I didn’t check your blog all weekend and missed your giveaway! Oh well! Congrats to Aimee!

  7. Aimee said,

    How does he like his teacher? I guess the real question is how to do YOU like her- since you are resigning your child to her for seven hours of the day! Thanks also for the giveaway prizes! I didn’t think/expect to win, so that’s fun!

  8. anne said,

    So presh. I love how you made everything just perfect for his 1st day. And p.s. what a great dress!!

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