Helping Hands: Part IV

September 14, 2009 at 10:54 am (Family, Lists, Makes me Smile, Miracles)

saturday 014

(Hopefully) Last, but not least, and in honor of my dad’s birthday, the final installment of the Helping Hands series. This entry has taken me the longest to put together mostly because my dad was here for a month. If you know my dad, you know that it wasn’t a month spent relaxing!

I have compiled a condensed version of some of my father’s activities while he was here. There is no stopping my father. When he first arrived I was worried about his shoulder injury, but apparently, he would let nothing stop him! It’s almost embarrassing how little I did while he was here. 

I was a little worried about having my dad here for a whole month, but it was great. It really took the stress off of the final weeks of the pregnancy. My dad pretty much ran the house, including teaching the kids how to swat flies! The day after my dad left, Samuel came out looking for his clothes, because for a month my dad laid out the kids’ outfits every morning! he also made sure that the boys were bathed which is something that I don’t take too seriously!

So, here is an idea of what to expect when Bill Frank comes to stay:

2 – vacuum cleaners

1 – mop

1 – ceiling fan

20 – trips to Sonic

100 – Buddy Bucks received

1 – trip across town in 100 degree heat, with two toddlers, to find sheet metal

1 – car detailed in preparation for sale

3 – meals of grilled steak

4 – evenings babysitting so Doug and I could go on dates

1 – citizenship swearing in ceremony attended

1 – shelf installed in master bath

3 – light sabers purchased (plus one for Jason Hunt)

1 – complete day watching three boys so I could deliver my baby in peace!

1 – new iron (plus much, much ironing!)

1 – office chair (apparently doing work while sitting on a kiddie chair isn’t cool!)

1 – alarm clock

5 – people flown in from Seattle

1 – grandma flown in from Halifax

1 – yard tended to for large item trash day, plus a hedge trimmer

– Countless groceries and cans of Fresca

– Hanging of pictures and curtain rods

– Driving Doug to work and therapy almost every day

I am noticing  a trend toward cleaning supplies. I’m wondering if dad is trying to tell me something?! Every time I try o finish the list, I come up with something else, so know that this list is incomplete. He took my boys on errands every day, and he sacrificed a month of time with his wife. Thankfully, grandma also got to come out when Christina was here.

I know at the end we were wearing on my dad, but I hope he knows how much we appreciated everything he did for and with us while he was here.

Happy Birthday Dad!

dad 008


  1. Nisa Hunt said,

    You dad can come and stay at my house ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!!!

    Hey, let’s plan a get together! Missing you.

  2. Greg said,

    I am up for adoption

  3. ingrid said,

    Sarah, thanks for the comment about my Mom. She is a good one. It seems to me, you are not lacking in the parenting department either with such an amazing Dad!

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