When free isn’t such a good deal

September 18, 2009 at 2:55 pm (Grrr!, Kids)

Don't we look happy?!

Don't we look happy?!

The only channel I let my kids watch at home is PBS Kids. I like that the shows are only on for a limited amount of time, and when they’re over the kids have no problem turning off the tv(for some reason they are not too eager to watch Sit and Be Fit!). I also like that there are no commercials and no violence. There’s also very little adult content, with the exception of Sesame Street, which I think tries a little too hard to be hip.

We waited in line for those BK crowns!

We waited in line for those BK crowns!

Right before school started, PBS sponsored a Back to School day at the Children’s Museum. It included free admission to the museum, crafts for the kids, plus a goody bag. I thought this might be a fun little Saturday adventure for us. Not so much. First off, you had to complete a kind of scavenger hunt to get the goody bag, so my kids didn’t see much o the museum because I was obsessed with filling out their cards (I promise I won’t take over their science fair projects, but we were in a time crunch!). Once we finished all of the cards, we didn’t even want to stay around because there were just way too many people. Also, the crafts and activities offered weren’t really set up for a billion people to participate. We didn’t even get any popcorn because I just couldn’t wait in the line. I think that I have to remind myself that I don’t really like people, so I need to stay away from crowded events. 

Don't worry, Ben was there too!

Don't worry, Ben was there too!

I think most times we would be better off paying the price of admission and having a little space to ourselves. I won’t even tell you about last Saturday’s sneak preview of a certain children’s movie. Suffice it to say that Doug was not a happy camper when there was a line, too many tickets, and not enough seats! Although, next week PBS is sponsoring a free screening of the new National Parks documentary at Mission San Jose. There will even be lots of fun activities for the kids…

Just like Disney World

Just like Disney World


  1. Charlotte said,

    I agree…free or even cheap isn’t always worth it. I took the kids up to Thanksgiving Point about a month ago because they were having $2 tuesdays. WOW! It would have been more worth it to pay full price on a normal day. It was SUPER crowded. Oh well, I guess we’ll both know better for the next thing that comes around.

  2. ingrid said,

    I’d go to Disney for FREE…even with the crowds!

  3. ingrid said,

    I need my Sarah fill…updates PLEASE!

  4. ingrid said,

    Like the friendly sister in law that I am, I will once again say that I MISS YOUR POSTS!!!! Doug, are you reading this???

  5. Nisa Hunt said,

    HEy! Miss you! Where are you?? I agree with Ingrid. Did ya fall off the face of the earth!

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