I was blind, but now I see

November 13, 2009 at 10:08 am (before and after, Makes me Smile)

october 235

There's a little boy under there somewhere!

I know that my second born is not Samson, but he has such beautiful hair that I hate to cut it. I take him to the salon because I don’t want Doug going anywhere near him with the clippers. His hair is a thing of beauty, and every day I am jealous! But, it was getting to be too much. He had a permanent kink in his neck because he was always trying to see by looking up from under his bangs.

october 243

That's right, I curled it!

We had never given him a short hair cut before, but it was time. I hate haircuts. I hate being reminded that my boys aren’t babies anymore. We convinced him that he wanted a haircut by saying that he would look just like his older brother. That was working great until we were all done and he realized that his hair was still black! I wanted to cry for him. He isn’t Samson though, cutting his hair did not remove his monster strength, it just let everyone see his eyes … oh and that bruise on his forehead! I wonder how long that’s been there?!

october 236

Ignore the grapes


  1. Sharleen said,

    Wow! He looks SOOO much like Doug – esp with the hair curled (j/k!). William does have GREAT hair. Love it!

  2. ingrid said,

    Sarah… I love William’s shiny black hair, but you did NOT curl your son’s hair! Please tell me you did not! You have a girl now that you can do that with!!!

  3. Trisha said,

    You have the most handsome boys ever!!! I have to admit…I never noticed how pretty his eyes are! Cute Cute!!

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